Secret to Revamp Your Digital Marketing Local Business Efforts

For local businesses and community-based SMEs, it has been common for years to ignore digital marketing and rely on word-of-mouth and old-school advertising methods. Times have changed drastically, and today it is essential for local entrepreneurs to have a strategic online presence. Reaching out to potential customers in your vicinity, making them aware of your business USPs, and online leads acquisition can be a cakewalk with unique digital marketing tactics significantly streamlined for local companies. Let us check out some tried-and-tested techniques to revamp your digital marketing local business efforts.

Consult a reliable digital marketing company in Mumbai

It is highly recommended for all local businesses based in Mumbai to collaborate with a trustworthy digital marketing company in Mumbai. There are multiple advantages of liaising with the best digital marketing agency in your city. Especially if you own a start-up seeking effective market penetration, seeking guidance from digital marketing experts would be the best way to acquire leads. Online marketing is an immensely vast field, and only a well-experienced team can guide you well on implementing localized digital marketing techniques in a precision-based manner.

Cash in on your Google My Business Page 

Having a robust, detailed, well-optimized, and active Google My Business Page can be a game-changer for your business. Local customers have a high probability of looking for various offerings on Google. Local search queries like ‘Best Pet Store near me’, ‘or ‘Hair Salons in Andheri’, or ‘Guitar Lessons near me’, account for close to 60 per cent of Google Searches. Ensuring that the information section of your Google My Business Listing is well-updated, optimized with the right keywords (in a nuanced manner, and not stuffed with keywords), and provides maximum useful details to local search users greatly increases your probability of featuring on top of the local search results. With a sufficient number of high-star reviews, you can even get listed in the much-coveted Google Map Pack amongst the top 3 local businesses corresponding to the particular search query.

Create Localized Landing Pages

When you create landing pages optimized with keywords from the most common search local search queries, it increases your chances of gaining better online visibility and a higher ranking on local SERPs. Another sure-shot measure for enhancing your local SEO is by embedding your Google Maps location on your website. Ideally, all localized landing pages should have your address and Google Maps location, matching exactly with the address and location listed on your Google My Business Page.

Conversion-Optimized Social Media Ads

Many businesses today are investing in paid social media ads, be it on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or Instagram. While this online marketing strategy has proven to be highly effective, it can only work well when you take account of the following factors:-

  • Targeting the correct geographical zone and demographic is very important for social media ads. If you have a local business in Mumbai, any renowned digital marketing company in Mumbai can guide you well in this regard.
  • The sales funnel corresponding to each social media advertising needs to be focused on achieving high conversion-rate optimization. Merely getting clicks is not sufficient. Only the best digital marketing agency help you chalk out a winning strategy that ensures maximum ROI from your paid advertisements on social media.

Get Enlisted in Relevant Local Directories

Whether it is Just Dial, Sulekha, Asklaila, IndiaMart, Quikr, UrbanClap, or Urban Company, getting enlisted in relevant local directories is necessary for all local businesses. All the more, having a good star rating and good reviews will ensure that your business stands out from your competitors.

Consistent Branding across all Digital Platforms

An important local SEO ranking factor that most small businesses tend to sideline is maintaining your business information’s uniformity across all platforms- your website, social media, local directories, blogs, and so on. Be it your business name, logo, how your location is spelt out/enlisted, how your services are described, how your products are showcased, etc. Overall consistency cements your positive brand image.


Your target market segment’s massive chunk is looking for various local products and nearby service providers online. Be it via local queries on search engines, checking out notifications on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, browsing through online local directories, or browsing through noteworthy review sites for the particular city and niche segment. Don’t let your competitors get ahead of you in targeting them. As a local entrepreneur, you can significantly benefit from a localized digital marketing campaign to showcase your business with minimal investment and lasting returns.

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