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Get A Brief Knowledge of Scalp Micropigmentation

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Scalp Micropigmentation is also referred to as SMP. This procedure is more than a tattoo. It is a known nonsurgical procedure that involves applying natural pigments on the dermal layer of your scalp. This procedure is one of the best solutions for hair loss.
Micropigmentation is a known cosmetic process that is fit for both men and women. This procedure is safe, and it also helps to enhance the quality and shape of your eyebrows, eyes, lips, and more. Scalp Micropigmentation solution can last for a few years. If you have alopecia areata or any other condition that causes hair loss, this procedure would be the best.

The Basic of Scalp Micropigmentation

The perfect way to know scalp micropigmentation is to see it as a form of a tattoo. During this procedure, your doctor will apply natural pigments onto the epidermal layer of your scalp. These will then reassemble your hair follicles. Your doctor will aim to create a new hairline for you. This means that he will have to camouflage the area of your scalp where the hair loss has happened.
If you know the process of microblading of eyebrows, this procedure is similar to it. However, micro-blading uses manual blades. But when it comes to micro scalp pigmentation, your doctor will use an electric tattoo device. Your scalp will need more power to get in the skin because it is thicker than the brows.

The Benefits of Scalp Micropigmentation

The scalp micropigmentation process will help to boost your self-esteem. This is because your hairline will look perfect and your hair follicles thick and fuller. It will also help to cover any scars that you have had from any other procedures. For instance, if you had a hair transplant procedure that had brought any complications, this process will help to cover any scars and imperfections.
The best candidate for this process is any person who is experiencing hair loss. If you have alopecia areata, thinning hair, and female and male pattern baldness, scalp micropigmentation will be perfect for you.

Does Scalp Micropigmentation Hurt?

The procedure does not hurt because before your doctor starts the process, he will first apply a numbing agent on your scalp, which will help ease the pain.

But you might still experience some discomfort during the process. This pain is mild, and the doctor will give you some painkillers if the pain persists. Some people do not feel too much pain, while others do not. The pain intensity will depend on your tolerance to it. During the consultation, your doctor will let you know what to prepare for in advance.
After the procedure, your doctor will advise you to avoid some activities which may hinder recovery. Your doctor will advise you not to swim for a few weeks. This will help you not to get any infection that might slow the recovery process.

Also, if you are in any workout routine, your doctor will tell you to pause it for a few weeks. Make sure to follow these instructions so that you may avoid some risks and complications. You will also have to moisturize your scalp four days after the treatment.
The Scalp Micropigmentation process is usually less invasive. You will see the outcome immediately, but you will have to have two to three sessions of this treatment if you want complete results. The results are usually of high quality. This is because your doctor will carry every session in a comfortable environment.

The Cost of Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp Micropigmentation cost varies depending on the extent of your hair loss. The average price is about $1000, but it is not fixed. This procedure is considered to be semipermanent, and this means it will fade as time goes. The process will always last for a maximum of eight years. Also, if you Also have if you have dry skin, the fading will take place quickly.

Final Thought

An expert should do the scalp micropigmentation process. The artist has to undergo formal training. A tattoo artist should not perform scalp micropigmentation or micro-blading. Make sure to always go for the best artists. This will help you to avoid some risks and complications that are associated with scalp micropigmentation. 


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