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Saudi Arabia Makes the Most of Its Resources For Its Digital Transformation

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Definition: Saudi Digital Transformation is the gradual process of transforming a traditional teaching system based on Islamic law and tradition into a new digital learning system based on ICT principles. ICT is the key to development of a disciplined educational system based on scientific knowledge. The process of digital transformation of education seeks to build an environment that encourages creativity, mutual trust, and innovation. In Saudi, ICT is being used as an educational system upgrade and a platform for improving teaching efficiency. The process is all about making the classroom an interactive learning environment, which helps students learn faster and get more out of class.

Definition: Digital transformation in learning refers to the systematic management and application of information and communication technologies (ICT) to enhance teaching, student learning, and teaching materials into new digital learning platforms. The objective of digital transformation is to enhance student learning and facilitate the process of learning within the classroom. The new classroom will comprise many different media and will allow the students to interact with the teacher and each other as well as the material they are studying. It will also allow for a higher rate of communication between the student and other learners such as teachers, other students, and outside resources. In short, it will create a highly interactive learning environment that will help the students learn faster and at a higher rate.

The classroom is not just a place where students sit and learn but a virtual environment is also created that allows the students to collaborate with each other. This is possible because of the availability of the Internet, which is freely available in the classroom. The Internet facilitates the process of communication by connecting the students with each other through online discussion boards, chat rooms, email groups, video and audio conferencing etc. These tools are also being used for conducting training sessions. The teacher can conduct training sessions using PowerPoint presentations, webinars, tutorials, audio, and visual aids.

Video conferencing can also be used in training sessions. The screen shows the instructor who are sitting in front of the computer and the students are asked to wear head phones so that they can hear the instructor clearly. The other participants in the meeting can also see the screen or hear the instructor through headsets. The system also uses visual aides to display the information provided during a training session.

Audio conferencing is also being used by the Saudi authorities. Audio conferencing can be conducted in classroom settings or outside the classroom. This means that the students can attend class via the Internet, listen to lectures and view PowerPoint presentations, etc. through their computers and phones.

Students can also use the Internet for research. This is possible since they can access research tools online. Some of these tools are used for basic research, while others are used for deeper learning. The students can also apply online learning and writing to get better results.

Students are also able to receive feedback from their instructors through e-mail. They can use the Internet and chat with their instructors through instant messaging programs like MSN Messenger and Yahoo Messenger. Video conferencing is also used for classroom training purposes as the students can watch a video presentation by a teacher on their screens and discuss the points discussed in class with their classmates. They can also use this opportunity to ask questions from their peers and try to solve the problems that they have.

The Saudi authorities are also using training programs online to train their employees. This program aims to boost the level of knowledge of the employees of the oil companies in order to help them perform their duties well. This includes everything from basic skills to advanced technical skills. This program is also used for helping the Saudi population to learn new technological applications. This is achieved through teaching students the basics of the applications such as operating a laptop, operating a computer, using the Internet, basic accounting and other such skills. Saudi Arabia is making the most of its resources in terms of technology and is on its way to become one of the leading nations in the world in the field of IT.


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