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Sarra Gilbert

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Sarra Gilbert is a controversial figure. She is the eldest daughter of activist Mari Gilbert. Her mother was killed in an apparent suicide and her younger half-sister was also murdered. The murders caused a commotion and the family was seeking answers. Although the murders were tragic, their parents did not lose hope. Sarra has been in prison for nearly two years and is awaiting trial for her role in the homicide.

Sarra Gilbert grew up under the care of her single mother, who suffered from depression and poverty. The mother and her boyfriend regularly abused her. Her mother also committed suicide on multiple occasions. Her older sister was a prostitute on her mother’s behalf. Ultimately, Sarra took her mother’s life and sent her to state prison. But her family is not ready to give up on her. They want the family to receive mental health treatment.

Sarra Gilbert was incarcerate for a number of violent crimes and attempted suicide.

She was diagnose with schizophrenia at an early age, but did not receive treatment until she was 25. She had a history of drug abuse and was depressed and suicidal. Her sister was her confidante, and her mother’s boyfriend was abusive. Sarra’s mother, Mari, took her in when she was a teenager.

In February 2016, Sarra Gilbert drowned her family dog in her bathtub. She called her mother Mari, who lived only a few minutes away, and she rushed over to rescue Hayden. The police took Sarra to St. Mary’s Hospital and later transferred her to the Mid-Hudson Forensic Psychiatric Center. She is currently serving 25 years to life in prison. However, her first major mental collapse was the result of Shannan’s death.

Sarra Gilbert had a history of abuse.

They mother’s boyfriend abused her, and she became a prostitute on her mother’s orders. Her mother also practiced “black magic” to control her, and her daughter was a victim of this. His older sister, Shannan Gilbert, a prostitute, was a domestic violence victim. Her mother was a drug dealer and a drug addict, and Sarra Gilbert was an addict.

Because Sarra Gilbert was born on January 17, 1989. Her mother was a single mother and raised four daughters, including Shannan. She had two daughters, Sherre and Stevie, and was abuse by her husband. Her sister was a prostitute on her mother’s orders. Her sister and her mother had a son together. While the two were in jail, their relationship was strained and Sarra was unable to stay married.

Sarra Gilbert was an advocate for her daughter Shannan, who disappeared in May 2010 in a bathtub.

Her mother had a boyfriend and abused her. She also had a mental health problem. Sherrie Gilbert’s daughter was a prostitute on her mother’s orders. Her parents were very strict, but Sarra was still a child and was always around. She was the archivist of the family.

Before Sarra was jail, she was a prostitute on her mother’s behalf. She was accuse of killing her mother with a 15-inch knife and a fire extinguisher. Her mother abused her daughter and was convict of homicide. Her daughter, Sarra, is now facing 25 years in prison. The murders shocked the community and prompted the family to hire an attorney.

In July 2016, Sara was found guilty of murdering her mother in front of her son.

She stabbed her mother Mari, her husband, and her son several times. Her daughter sat at her side. They were unable to talk to each other, but she was possess with a demon that was controlling her. Sara’s sister, Sara, was jealous of their son and attempted to kill him.

The killer stabbed Shanna’s mother in front of her children. Sara was accuse of being a psychotic, schizophrenic person. Before the murder, Sara was living on the same street as her sister Mari. She was stab five times and suffered fatal psychiatric illnesses. Eventually, she was sentence to 25 years in prison for murdering her mother.


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