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SAP Mobile Work Manager For SAP Applications

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SAP mobile work manager provides you with a tool to let you improve workforce safety and simultaneously optimize asset life and reliability for your company. It helps in streamlining the various processes by minimizing the paperwork with minimum intervention of human resources. This application ensures the shortening of work cycles and provides you with the platform for workforce automation.

SAP Mobile Work Manager for SAP Applications through Massetic provides you:

  • On-premise or cloud deployment as per the client’s requirements
  • Access through mobile to SAP Applications
  • Supports all iOS, Android, and window devices
  • Flexibility to work online and offline as well
  • Manage work orders and notifies problems.
  • Simplify integration with the SAP scheduling application
  • Recordings of problems, actions, real-time management

In addition, a sap mobile work manager empowers your workforce with everything required to install, inspect, maintain efficiently, and repair assets in the field. It also helps mitigate the risks of injuries by strict guidelines to follow complete safety checks and safe work practices.

Flexible connectivity

Sap mobile work manager offers flexible connectivity ensuring:

  • Access maintenance data and other life-cycle processes anytime and from anywhere
  • Help manage existing work and asset data whether the user is online, offline, or occasionally connected to e network
  • Leads to automatic synchronization with the SAP backend as per the defined intervals by the users
  • Increase in asset uptime and reduction in maintenance backlog

How a SAP mobile work manager works

An integrated software design allows all the processing to be done in the core SAP system. Access to various data and transactional events are managed. The users interpret the design data on their mobile devices to render the application functions.

The best feature is that the mobile application is published to the device application. This can be easily updated without any requirement for an update to the mobile application itself.

Key benefits of SAP mobile work manager

Some of the major benefits are:

  • To meet compliance requirements through timely processing of work orders, notifications, asset master data, etc. There is no avoiding of compliance due to color-coding the orders, operations, etc. to ensure all services are done in a timely manner
  • Reduction in a paper trail as the data is visible in the backend immediately to be processed further. Asset manuals are also available in offline mode for further references
  • It helps to improve in decision makings and also make sure of various downstream risks involved. Better visibility in operational activities and maintenance history  lead to decide accordingly
  • Ensures an increase in asset uptime and a reduced maintenance backlog

The future of sap mobile work manager

Mobility will be a key factor for future industries, and Maesstic focuses on the best SAP Mobile Platform for their clients. On-going product development and continuous improvements are the important factors that provide a solid base for the client’s satisfaction.

Key features of a sap mobile work manager

  • Reduce in downtime and maintenance backlog
  • Work order management


Digitalize your business and transform it effectively by using an effective service from SAP Mobile Work Manager for SAP Applications through Massetic. In the current age of the Intelligent Enterprise, deploying mobility to an organization and especially for the field workers is an added advantage.Higher reliability and scalability is the important consideration for which the company takes utmost care. So, jump-start your maximo mobile work manager with Massetic, and collaborate with top-notch industry experts and consultants to help automation of asset management and field service processes.


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