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SAP Material Management Consultant Training Beginner to Advance

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As the term implies, the SAP MM Online manages the materials needed, processed, and produced in the factories. This system allows you to handle different types of purchasing processes. Some popular subcategories in the SAP MM module include Key Vendor Data, Consumption-Based Planning, Purchasing, Inventory Management, Invoice Validation, and more.

SAP Materials Management (MM) is an ERP solution that provides an organized and structured material management process. SAP MM Online Training in India is ideal for professionals who manage materials in organizations. It Online Training demonstrates the professional ability to use a solution for effective material management.

One of the most critical SAP modules – MM Material Management – includes supply chain infrastructure, including requisitions, goods receipts, purchase orders, inventory management, raw material master, finished goods, accounts payable, and more.

Materials Management Module includes all master data, system configuration, and transactions to complete the purchase process before payment. This process map is developed based on the MRP’s final verification proposal and invoices.

Components of SAP MM:

Given below are some of the Components-

  • Purchasing: MM procurement tasks include supplying foreign materials and services, identifying possible sources of supply, and monitoring collections and payments to suppliers.
  •  Master Data: The end user has the original data that tracks each transaction in the data. The primary MM data includes a central seller record, a prior material record, and a primary purchase record.
  •  Invoice Verification: All activities related to billing processes, such as receiving an invoice from a salesperson, automatic billing, and direct delivery of materials, are performed in this part of the material management invoice approval configuration.
  •  Evaluation of Materials: All transactions, including changes in material prices and various types of valuation like LIFO, FIFO, and the minimum amount, are related to the valuation of materials.
  •  Inventory Management: In this module, you perform inventory management activities, including inventory receipts, internal transfers (goods movements), issues, and inventory reservations.

Features of SAP MM:

The capabilities of the SAP MM System are mentioned below-

  • It is one of the SAP modules used to manage inventory and materials.
  •  Materials management as a process does not guarantee material shortages or any gaps in the organization’s supply chain process. SAP MM accelerates purchasing and materials management, simplifying trade and providing exclusive savings in time and money.
  •  It does this by managing the organization’s materials (products and/or services) and resources to increase productivity and reduce costs. At the same time, it is diverse enough to make frequent changes in any business environment.
  •  This process deals with purchasing, invoice verification, inventory management, planning required materials, master data (Master & Vendor Master), material accounting and valuation, and much more.

SAP MM Training:

With the  Course in Gurgaon, you can learn about one of the most essential SAP modules: infrastructure MM (Materials Management) – Supply Chain Management (SCM). The course enables you to understand the process of completing supply chain management, which helps an organization optimize inventory and make the procurement process more efficient. This course focuses on the immediate purchase process for planning the required materials, from purchasing to pricing.

The course will cover the following content-

  • Introduction
  •  Introduction to SAP and SAP MM
  •  Material Management Concepts
  •  Purchasing
  •  Purchasing Requisitions
  •  Structure of Rfq And Quotation
  •  Purchase Orders
  •  Information
  •  Optimized Purchasing
  •  Reporting In Purchasing
  •  Condition Types
  •  Material Requirement Planning
  •  Quota Arrangement
  •  Vendor Evaluation
  •  Logistics Invoice Verification
  •  External Service Management
  •  QM In Procurement


It is part of the logistics functions and helps manage an organization’s purchasing activities. SAP MM course provides essential knowledge of several components and sub-components, including core data, consumption-based planning, material evaluation, purchasing and inventory, and invoice verification.


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