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Safety Cleaning Methods to Follow After Rodent Infestation

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When suffering from a rat infestation, dealing with all the mess they create every step of the way becomes very tough. No matter how tough it is, cleaning after rodents should be done by all homeowners as their waste can spread infectious diseases amongst humans. But cleaning after rats during hosting their nest at home would be pointless as you will see filth right around the corner every other day.

Hence, at first, you need to end the infestation at first by calling the best rodent exterminator near me. It will end the problem once and for all and you can actually relax after deep cleaning the house at once.

But doing so won’t be easy. Because rats are expert sneakers, they can create a mess at every dark and unvisited corner of your house. So without proper knowledge and expedition, getting rid of all the germs would be difficult. A rat control agency can also help you in doing that. You can get the most of your investment on the mice exterminator cost by figuring out their hiding location so that you clean your waste from those areas.

And after you have been able to locate all these locations, you should take the below safety measures:

Wear Gloves

There is a reason why every mice exterminator near me wears gloves to treat home. It’s not only to be protected from the chemicals they use but being safe from the gem they have spread throughout the house. So, wearing gloves when you are cleaning after their bodily waste is inevitable. Not only their waste, but they can carry waste from outside by roaming around filthy places. So please invest in good quality latex or rubber gloves and wear them throughout the cleaning time.

Cleaning their waste

Now comes the most daunting task, cleaning their droppings and urine. According to the best exterminator for mice, cleaning after rats is not as easy as just mopping the area after ridding the waste. You cannot just scoop out the droppings and mop the urinated area and expect to be germs-free because even if you have mopped and dusted the area properly, the microscopic bits can spread the germs through the airway.

Using a disinfecting solution during the whole procedure is profoundly suggested. Even though over-the-counter disinfection can work well, but we would suggest you to CDC-recommended bleach and water solution. Just mix 1 ½ cups of bleach and a gallon of water then spray the area and leave the solution for 5 to 10 minutes before wiping the surface.

Scoop the Mess

Once the hidden location and corners are properly cleaned and disinfected after the rat removal treatment, it’s time to clean your kitchen. One of the most visited rooms by rats is obviously the kitchen. So, you are bound to find some mess around the kitchen. They probably have been running along with the countertop, walk all over the fridge, cabinets, and all the other places where you store food.

Disinfect all these areas properly and don’t forget to throw away products they have chewed through. Double bag all that mess before throwing it in the trash bin, so that the germs are not spread through the air. The smell of the rats can also attract other rats if you are not careful about it.

Wash Hands

Now that cleaning your home is over, it’s time to clean yourself up. Disinfect the glove before taking those off to prevent spreading germs from those. But just because you have been cleaning with gloves on, doesn’t mean you don’t need to wash your hands. The professional rat removal suggests scrubbing the hands in warm water for 20 seconds, and then clean the hand with a disinfectant and antiseptic product, like Dettol. You should also clean the clothes you were wearing whilst cleaning.

After going through all these cleaning procedures, and the time and money consuming rat extermination procedure, you should ensure that future rat infestation doesn’t happen. You should follow some prevention methods to avoid calling the best rat exterminator near me in the future again. The below prevention tips might be of use to you:

  • Make sure that you have blocked all the entry points. Remember that rats can enter from the smallest holes; so you need to be extra careful. You can call in an expert to locate all the holes, gaps, and crack from which rats can enter.
  • Make your home clean and tidy. Rats are attracted to filth and waste, so if you are not being attentive towards the cleanliness of your home, rats will surely find a way to revisit.

Getting inspection checkups from a guaranteed rat removal agency would also help you preventing rat infestation in the future.


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