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Sacred Pause: Post Postpartum Recovery Guide

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There is nothing more beautiful than the feeling of becoming a mother. The gratitude that envelops you is unmatched and cannot be compared to even the world’s most authentic pleasures. You make it the easiest and the most comfortable for the baby to come. You plan everything down to the last onesie and cut no corners in offering them the utmost care.

However, while you are making it all easy for the baby, you tend to lose yourself completely when it comes to holding space to honor and heal your post-baby body. The sacred pause for relaxed Mom is paramount for your healing. You must indulge in having postpartum boundaries in place. These boundaries are not meant to keep people out but to deal with painful postpartum consequences.

Here are a few things you must indulge in for feeling normal in your post-baby body.

  1. Do not let the Healing Process Flow, Plan it, Execute it

Recovery cannot be involuntary; you cannot just let it happen. You’ve to plan for it. You might not know this, but a new mother’s body begins its transition back to its original state hours after the placenta is birthed. You need to have a recovery plan 4-6 weeks before your estimated due date.

  1. Seek Help

Don’t shy away from seeking help from family and friends after you’ve birthed the child. Your body deserves to be healed, and no one can accelerate the process more than the people around you. They can help you run errands, prepare meals, and look after other children in the home.

  1. Delve in V-Care

Even if you’ve had a cesarean, it is imperative to get clean after delivery. This is one of the most significant postpartum self-care advice you’ll ever get. Use a feminine herbal wash with natural ingredients that have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and deodorizing properties.

  1. Indulge in Meditation

Indulge in sacred pause meditation and bid goodbye to all the stress you have. There is something about living in the present moment that can make you heal and recover faster than you can ever imagine.

These tips can help you heal your body and your soul during your postpartum period.

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