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russia ukraine

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Anxiety Among Ukrainians Overannexation of Crimea

russia ukraine

In a recent poll, 82% of the population of Russia Ukraine Crimea said they support annexation of the Crimean peninsula. The survey, conducted by the GfK Group, was publish in the Ukrainian newspaper Ukrainska Pravda. Only 4% opposed annexation and 9% were undecided. The poll results are far from a universally popular consensus, but they reflect the public mood in the region.

In late February, Russian troops began entering Ukraine, claiming to “liberate” the country. While they’ve made clear that they don’t want to occupy, their actions indicate that they are unwilling to give up territory it has captured in the war. In the southern Kherson region, for example, the Russian currency has replaced the Ukrainian hryvna as the official currency. Residents of the occupies regions are being offer Russian passports expedite by Russian authorities, and Kremlin-installed administrations have talked of becoming part of Russia.

In the spring of 2017, the Russian government approved the use of armed forces in the conflict. Russian troops and military hardware flooded the Crimean peninsula, with Ukraine reporting that they were being shelled by Russian forces. By the end of March, the remaining Ukrainian military bases were being besiege. In the meantime, Russian forces stormed their targets, including the Southern Naval Base, forcing Ukrainian forces to withdraw. The Ukrainians eventually won the battle and were able to rebuild their lives.

Negotiations could lead to an end to the conflict. In March, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy seemed open to compromise, offering to set aside Kyiv’s ambitions to join NATO and accept a neutral status. His Russian counterpart, however, did not take up the offer. This is a situation where the West and Russia must remain vigilant. So, what can be done? The West must continue to provide Ukraine with defenses and ratchet up sanctions against Russia.

German Heavy Weapons Arrive in Ukraine

Russia Ukraine latest updates German heavy weapons arrive in Ukraine

In the past few months, Germany has delivered heavy weapons to the Ukrainian military in an effort to stem the violence in the country. The Russian Ministry of Defense is requesting comment and is awaiting a response. In the meantime, Ukraine has been unable to export its grain to Europe due to a recent conflict. However, German heavy weapons have been able to bring some relief to its people. The European Union is working on an alternative route for Ukrainian grain, and the President of France has said that the EU will continue to assist Ukraine in the transit of food, fuel and other goods to the Russian military.

Estonia Protests to Russian Violation of National Airspace by Helicopte

Estonia protests to Russian Ukrian violation national airspace by helicopte

A helicopte belonging to the Russian border guard has entered Estonian airspace without permission, resulting in the death of a 27-year-old American man. Artem Dymyd had been living in the US when the Russian forces invaded Ukraine. He returned to fight after the Russian forces invaded the eastern part of the country. Estonia has summoned Russia’s ambassador to protest the incident and expressed solidarity with its Baltic neighbors. Russia has already warned Lithuania of severe consequences, and Lithuania has also banned rail transfers of some goods to Kaliningrad. Even a Google executive has warned the UN Security Council about Russian airspace violations.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Zelenskyy Says Military Situation in Luhansk Region is Very Russian

Zelenskyy says military situation in Luhansk region is very  Russian Ukrain

Ukrainian officials have said that the military situation in the Luhansk region is very Russian in nature. They say that the military response to the recent violence has been very aggressive and is putting civilians at risk. They are also concerned that a nuclear war could annihilate the Ukrainian population. So far, the United States and Russia have not agreed on a no-fly zone over Ukraine because it could give Putin a good reason to fire his nukes.

US Says Russia is Weaponising Food by Blocking Its Exports to Ukraine

White House Putin is weaponising food by blocking Russia Ukraine exports

The United States is accusing Russia of holding the world’s food supply hostage. A former Russian president has warneds that the Kremlin will not release vital grain shipments unless western sanctions are lifted. During a meeting of the UN Security Council on Thursday, US Secretary of State John Kerry demanded that Russia release its blockade of Ukraine’s Black Sea ports and allow food to flow freely around the world. The secretary of state also claimed that Russia is weaponizing food by blocking its exports to Ukraine.

The EU is Furious Over the Latest Move by Russia and Ukraine, Which is Slashing EU Gas Flows For Illegal Reasons

Russia Ukraine slashing EU gas flows for illegal reasons

The EU is furious over the latest move by Russia and Ukraine, which is slashing EU gas supplies for illegal reasons. EU leaders have condemned Russia’s actions, saying that they are an “instrument of blackmail”. They also blame Western nations for causing the crisis, citing the illegal invasion of Ukraine. Europe is highly dependent on Russian gas, with several countries racing to replenish their reserves before winter. In response, Russia has insisted that the EU pays in Russian rubles, a move the European Commission says shows how unreliable it is as a supplier.

US Says NATO Commitment to Lithuania Ironclad After Russia Ukrian War

US says NATO commitment to Lithuania ironclad after Russia Ukrian

US says NATO commitment to Lithuania ironclad: After the Russian invasion, why would the West still be unsure? One reason might be the weakened Russian arm forces, which the recent conflict in Ukraine has illustrated. In addition, the Biden administration has prioritized China over Europe in its 2022 National Defense Strategy. In such a scenario, the commitment to the Baltics is essential to counter Russia’s growing military strength.

At Least 15 Civilians Killed in Shelling in Kharkiv, Ukraine

At least 15 civilians killed in Kharkiv by Russia Ukrian shelling governor

A fresh barrage of Russian shelling has killed at least 15 civilians in Kharkiv, Ukraine. The attack on Kharkiv followed a period of relative calm, when Russian forces increased shelling in nearby districts. Three civilians were also killed in the neighboring Zolochiv region. According to local police, Russian forces are using Uragan multiple rocket launchers.

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