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Running the Healthcare System After COVID-19

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Following the outbreak of COVID-19, social distancing is mandatory to reduce crowds in public places such as health care centers. As a result, the lack of effective treatments for patients harms their health. Furthermore, this situation also has made a considerable impact on the revenues of private hospitals, doctors, clinics, and other healthcare start-ups. Telemedicine has become the safest interactive system between both patients and clinicians to mitigate this problem.

As a healthcare provider, you must be responsive to your patience 24/7 regardless of the pandemic. That is why you need a reliable and trustworthy healthcare website developing agency to create a competitive online healthcare marketplace for you.

Medibrandox is a reputed web designing agency for hospitals and other healthcare service centers with proven expertise. Our team provides you with the best healthcare website designing services that convert your visitors into potential customers.

Why your Hospital needs a Website after COVID-19?

Healthcare websites were initially used to provide medical assistance in underdeveloped areas where access to medical care is hard, mainly for managing chronic diseases. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, the use of telemedicine strategies such as health care websites has dramatically increased. Therefore despite the global collapse, the increased demand for telemedicine has forced the reputed companies to become interested in hospital websites development to communicate with their patients.

A 50% increase in demand for health care services through websites is reported after the lockdown. Also, the number of daily visits for these websites has increased dramatically after the beginning of the pandemic. Stats show that many patients seek a doctor or a hospital staff on the internet and most of them share their treatment stories on social media. Therefore the online presence of your healthcare service is essential to overcome the negative impacts caused by the pandemic situation.

What makes a Good Healthcare Website?

  • User-friendly call-to-actions: It is better to use animations for a smooth transition between pages. Also, integrate a live search with predictive results. This option is essential because patients usually do not waste their time in a platform that is difficult to use.
  • Keep running user tastings: User test trials are important to find out whether or not you need a healthcare website redesign.
  • Create personal user areas: Facilities to develop the personal account is crucial to make your service more customer-focused. By providing such an opportunity, patients can view their appointments, test results, and progression in a more convenient way.
  • Create an online booking system: Provide facilities for patients to choose the desired doctor, convenient time, and type of appointments.
  • Simplify navigation: Well-optimized navigation mechanisms should be a priority. It should be worked well for smartphones also. Using fix navigation is important so users can see their current location without having to scroll.
  • An area for user reviews: Patients usually use online reviews to evaluate the medical professionals they are hoping to visit. Therefore your platform should provide the facilities to review and rate each physician to generate long-term trust with patients.
  • All prices should be displayed without hidden costs

Presenting all the package prices and service charges is important to get the complete picture of the appointment.

  • Maps and contact details should be included.
  • Sharing testimonials is helpful to prove that you take care of patients.
  • Taking security actions is important when storing customer records. Your healthcare website design company must understand the requirements for HIPAA compliance.
  • Web pages should be easily accessible even for patients with physical limitations or disabilities.
  • Create compelling content with quality images.
  • Make sure a mobile-friendly version of your website is also available.
  • Notify patients with emails, SMS or app notifications to remind their schedules.
  • Introduce your team with a short overview of each medical professional with their qualifications.

Medibrandox team always ensures that your website is not just pleasing but also highly functional and competitive.

Benefits to your clients from a health care website

  • Home-based management of symptoms.
  • Ensure adequate safety to patients by limiting direct contact with other infected patients.
  • Patients at higher risk of infection, especially those with immunosuppressant diseases can prevent exposure to risk factors.
  • Asymptomatic COVID-19 positive cases do not obtain the priority to hospitalization. But they are carefully followed up by dedicated local health authorities by e-health communication.
  • Save time and transportation costs.
  • Reduced number of visits to the clinics.
  • Guidance related to non-emergency illnesses can be obtained in daily routine without interruption.

Benefits of having a website for your healthcare service

  • Ensure adequate safety to clinicians by limiting direct contact with infected patients.
  • New patients can be easily found while regulars can keep in touch.
  • No need to have a personal assistant to dealing with inquiries and appointments.
  • You can effectively present your expertise to your patients using testimonials.
  • So you can easily get feedback from customers.
  • You can access patients’ previous records easily.

As a leading healthcare website development agency

Medibrandox has a wealth of expertise in providing successful healthcare web designing solutions to match your needs. Medibrandox can build a powerful web presence for your healthcare service that allows you to connect with your patients easily. Our team offers stunning websites with great functionality that is integrated with social media platforms to grab the attention of your potential customers. We do not use exiting templates or layouts that were previously used to create your website. Our innovative and skilled developers are on hand to provide you with a unique and customized SEO-friendly design that best matches the current trend.


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