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Room Renovation: How to Decorate Your Kitchen

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If you’re itching to start a room renovation, you’re not alone! Home Depot made 110.2 billion dollars last year, much of it from homeowners ready to do a room makeover. 

If you’re eyeing your home with an aim to improve and beautify, why not start with your kitchen? For most people, it’s the centerpiece of their home. 

You’ll spend lots of time there preparing meals, hosting guests, cleaning, and more. Why not make it a place that you’ll really enjoy? It’s one of the places that guests will find themselves, too, so you should make it a place that truly showcases your personality and sense of taste. 

If you’re looking to level up and do a full room makeover, we’ve assembled a guide to some kitchen renovation ideas that will transform your home!

Add Some Seating 

A room makeover can be intensive if that’s your style. Maybe you need or want new appliances, a plumbing upgrade, or an expansion. But you might be looking to add some jazz to your space, which doesn’t take much money at all. 

One of the most important parts of making a room feel new is adding a new look or function. If you have the space, why not add some seating?

Seating can draw your family into the kitchen while you’re preparing meals. Cooking can be a family affair if everyone has a place to sit and a task to accomplish!

There are a few options here. If you have a kitchen island, add some fun bar-style stools. Don’t be shy when it comes to color, either. 

Barstools typically come in dark walnut, black, white, or gray. If you’re really looking to change up your space, go bold! Maybe you have an accent wall or a colorful tile backsplash. Whether it’s cerulean blue or mustard yellow, your seating will look amazing if you mix and match a little.

There are other options, of course. If you have the space, use your room renovation to add some fun details like a reading nook!

This can fit right into the window, and you can add some colorful throw pillows for a pop of texture and visual interest. This is a great place for kids to curl up and read or do some homework while the adults prepare meals.

Add a Wall Display 

Do you have collectibles? Maybe you have a lovely set of antique china from your grandmother or some vintage teacups. Maybe you prefer old glass Coke bottles or Nester dolls!

Whatever you like to collect or display, it’d be a shame if your collectibles were permanently relegated to a cupboard where they can’t be seen.

Add some fun shelves to your kitchen! If you’d like to make them a color accent, consider painting them a color that adds a little something to the preexisting scheme in your kitchen. 

Before you start putting up your best china, though, consider location. For starters, do you have a wood-burning stove? If so, soot and heat will often cake your dishes with a layer of dust that’s quite difficult to clean.

For the same reason, don’t put delicate heirlooms directly above your electric stove. The oil, heat, and odors from cooking will have a bad impact on your precious items.

You should also consider whether you live in a place that is prone to natural disasters, such as earthquakes. Placing multiple items on high shelves will turn your kitchen into a danger zone!

If you’ve considered all these factors and think it’s safe to put up shelves, go for two or three. This will allow you to display a fair amount of collectibles without visually crowding your kitchen and making it look like a hoarding issue.

Don’t Be Afraid of Patterns

Depending on trends in the fashion and design world, minimalism comes and goes. Black, white, and gray all make your kitchen timeless and ‘safe.’

But if you’re planning to stay in your home without selling for the foreseeable future, why not have some fun with it? It’s your home, and you should do exactly what you like. 

Don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns. This will allow you to add layers of visual depth and provide the illusion that there is more to your kitchen than meets the eye.

While this can add a fun boho vibe to your kitchen, it can also make things seem cozier. That’s exactly what a kitchen should feel like!

You can add patterns with a fun tiled backsplash or rugs in your kitchen. Wallpaper, patterned walls, or displays of patterned dishes can help add these layers of interest to your room decor.

Try A Kitchen Mural 

No discussion of adding visual interest to your kitchen would be complete without discussing wall design and kitchen murals! No matter what your dream kitchen looks like, your dream wallpaper designer will partner with you to bring your image to life. 

If you’re hung up on remembered difficulties of applying wallpaper, never fear! There are self-adhesive options that go up easily, vinyl options if you live in a wet environment, and traditional options. 

From fun tropical prints to bold color smears, there’s a wallpaper look for everyone. You can wallpaper your entire kitchen if you choose or focus on one wall. 

If you want to buy wallpaper, know that you aren’t chained to the options available on any site. Instead, you can mix and match wallpaper choices into a custom print that any art guru would be proud to have in their home.

Room Renovation

Many people feel like they ‘aren’t a designer.’ That means a room makeover can be daunting! Whether you’re picking room decorations or new wallpaper, there are resources available to help you out. 

Treat room decor like an art project. It’s nothing more than the process of adding joy to your space and experimenting till you find something that feels right to you. 

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