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Roles of a Tax Preparer – How Can I Become a Tax Preparer?

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Tax Preparer

Professionals who prepare tax returns for individuals and businesses are tax preparers. Moreover, they may represent taxpayers when the IRS examines their tax returns. Professionals in this field may hold a variety of job titles, as well as certifications and educational levels; people need to determine the type of tax professional that is right for them.

Over half of taxpayers hire an accountant or other professional tax preparer to prepare their tax returns. These professionals handle the most sensitive and personal information of their clients’ financial lives including their marriages, income, children, as well as their SSNs (social security numbers)

Types of Tax Preparers

Every year, individuals and companies file tax returns, to id them, it is possible to find a tax preparation professional with various levels of experience and appropriateness that can help the individual with their tax situation. 

Following is a breakdown of the different types of tax preparers:

Those who prepare taxes for local or chain stores

With these professionals, you cannot expect much training or experience, however, each individual’s skill may vary greatly. Most of the times, it is common that these tax preparers are doing this as a secondary job for a couple of months of the year. For them, simple returns taxes are the easiest to handle, but if their complications on a return, some tax preparers may not have enough experience and knowledge to maximize on particular deductions.

Licensed agents

Professionals who hold this license are federally authorized, either have worked with IRS for a minimum of ten years, or have successfully passed an IRS exam. Moreover, they undergo annual training in accounting methods and tax regulations, which makes them expert in their training and skills of the tax planning and preparation process. Often, enrolled agents specialize in one area of tax law and can represent taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service and state tax departments if questions arise regarding their returns.

Certified Accounting Professionals

Professionals in this field can help individuals going through financial difficulties. For instance, someone who has just retired, or someone who is going through a divorce, or someone who has just opened or liquidated their business, or taken any other significant steps that may or will affect their financial situation drastically, may benefit from the services of a certified public accountant. 

An accountant can design a tax plan for an individual and represent that individual before the Internal Revenue Service. Most firms with a staff of a few years’ experience handle the initial work, whereas, review will be done by someone with more experience. Most of the senior people in the firm focus on planning and decision-making for more complicated matters.

Lawyer specializing in tax law

Lawyers who specialize in taxation represent people who are wealthy in assets, or have extensive businesses and have to deal with constant business transactions, as well as those seeking tax shelters. In addition to corporate knowledge, they have expert knowledge of tax law, however, their expertise may not be as detailed in preparing actual tax returns.

What are the steps to becoming a tax preparer?

The path to becoming a tax preparer in not different to pursuing any other career. Apart from a high-school diploma, you will need some on-the-job training, as part of the job. Almost all the skills are covered in the training, including the basics of accounting, their procedures, tax regulations, the basic tools and programs you will need to know, along with other tax documents. Applicants with an accounting degree are however preferred by many employers, though it is not mandatory. Most of the hiring process regulates around your skills.

How Can I Get Tax Preparation Services In Florida?

Tax preparation services can be easily obtained by simply searching or browsing for reputed credit card companies. Besides offers tax preparations services in Florida, they also offer various credit card services for business individuals, that can aid them in growing their business. 


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