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An Overview of Packaging’s Role in Marketing and Sales

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It is vital to include Promotions in your marketing mix. Over the last few years, packaging has become an increasingly important part of the marketing mix. It could also be describe as a promotion because it helps increase awareness of the product.

According to some, packaging serves much more than just advertisements, and thus it can become the fifth P in the marketing mix. Despite this, we believe that packaging plays an important role in marketing and sales. How packaging plays key roles in organizations or for products, see below.

Consumer Decision Making

Consumer decision-making is the primary purpose of packaging. As the frontier’s final salesperson, packaging plays a vital role. The customer navigates through the showroom and sees the products you have.

It’s good advertising, branding, marketing, and sales campaign. Consumers are often influence by the packaging of a product a great deal in their purchase decisions.

For example, an owner of a candles business can use candle packaging boxes with antique designs or the cover photo of many books will therefore be given much attention. Typically, authors understand the philosophy among people that they buy books based on their covers. Consequently, it affects the decision-making process of consumers.

Product Promotion

Hand holding megaphone – New product

A buy one gets one free deal sounds too good to be true, right? Would you like to bundle your offer with anything else? Would you like to get a free shampoo when you buy a soap?

So many blades are free with your shaving kit? The packaging of these below-the-line promotions makes a big difference. A product can also be package in other ways to be use for company publicity. For this reason, Amazon never sends plastic bags nor other forms of packaging like other E-commerce companies.

As with packaging, numerous below-the-line promotional techniques can be utilized.


It is important for packaging to differentiate. Just look at the packaging of Sunsilk to see how it makes a difference in the product. Various hair experts prepare each Sunsilk shampoo and each has its specific purpose.

The first will be an anti-dandruff product, while the second is an anti-hair loss product and yet another is an anti-smoothing product. A matching conditioner would also be included in that.

So to buy pink Sunsilk shampoo, you just need to go to the supermarket. Alternatively, you can buy one in black or gold. In your mind, you realize that the color of the brand and packaging is what you want.

Brand recognition

The role packaging plays in brand recognition deserves special mention. Balaji is a very small brand of chips and wafers in India. I must tell you, Balaji’s fight against Lays and the company, in general, is amazing.

It is important to note that the yellow packaging contributes greatly to the influence of the chips. The packaging is noticeable from a long distance across, so on highways when people are munching something, they notice the brand.

Balaji is a good product, but we cannot ignore Lays’ packaging, either, if we discuss it at local levels. Lays has become a favorite snack throughout the world due to its bright blue color, its use in promotions, and the chips on the cover.

See how Haldirams, Gems, M&Ms, or any other such FMCG products are package so that their consumers can enjoy the products to the fullest. Red packaging is use by Kitkat for its products, and the foil inside is silver.

In the advertisement, the directions are focuses specifically on tearing apart the silver foil and breaking open the Kitkats inside. The main aim is to make the product market acceptable and establish brand recognition.

Companies are focusing on doing more than just selling their products; they want to create meaningful experiences for consumers by creating a deeper connection between themselves and potential buyers through connected packaging in marketing campaigns.

This has increased recently due to increased competition among brands across many different categories from food items, clothing lines, household cleaning supplies and even toys targeted at children who will be influenced by what they see around them when it comes time to make purchasing decisions as teenagers or adults later.

Connected packaging is a relatively new term that describes how your brand’s product and package design can help to build relationships with customers.

Branding and design

The packaging of a product often determines brand recognition and image. Consider Absolut vodka, a drink whose round bottle is popular and recognized.

Symbolizing the quality of the vodka, the bottle is used in many ways as a symbol. The better the design and quality of the bottle, the more valuable the vodka within.

The packaging style of Ferrero Rocher is also popular among brand names. Throughout the world, Ferrero rocher packaging can be identifies as the gold cover of brown chocolate. When you see that packaging, your mouth starts to water.


Packaging also serves the purpose of protecting the product in addition to being attractive and promoting it. The utility and role of packaging are to protect the product, carry it safely, and not allow damage to occur to it.

Milk and grocery items such as Salt and Sugar come in packages to prevent ants from contaminating them. Packaging’s function is to protect its contents.

Changes in packaging design can make a product more useful. The purpose of a product such as a baby bottle, storage container, or sipper is to make it more useful.

Packaging Innovation Boosts Sales

Packaging can increase sales in several instances by using custom cardboard boxes. Frooti introduced the Tetra pack to India. In addition to Tetra Packs, the sachets of oil, shampoo or any small item that is package have increased sales enormously for these items.

Despite their size and ease of carrying, they have become a market leader. As well as samples, they can be use for marketing purposes. By repackaging items on the market like Dairy milk or 5 stars, Cadbury Celebrations has created a whole new product line.

Information as a Safeguard

When launching a new product, packaging plays one of the biggest roles in providing information about the product. In addition to instructions on how to use the technology product, the consumer can also find information on the proper use of the product, including any precautions or procedures that need to be taken.

Thus, when products are sold in large quantities and there aren’t enough salespeople to serve each customer, packaging plays an important role in conveying information to the customer.

Below, you will find an example of a Maggi packet, which gives you instructions for making the snack and details the nutritious benefits that Maggi provides, as well as the harmful nutrients it does not contain.


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