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Rigid Boxes for Showcasing Round Cut Ruby Rings Range

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Building your image as one of the high-end and professional jewelry stores can turn out to be a real challenge. Customers wanting authentic gemstones are difficult to compel, you can’t simply make tall claims about your products being the best without presenting them enthrallingly. Boxes for your original and handcrafted stone studded rings ought to be appealing. Utilize winsome packaging for displaying your signature pieces. Gripping boxes carrying the dazzling items would get the onlookers hooked to them. You can use these to your leverage for influencing the perception and opinion of shoppers about your budding brand.

Engage customers using eye-catchy boxes that aesthetically please them. Glamorous packaging would incline the walk-in buyers to take a close look at the ruby rings. Rigid Box Packaging is an effective storage solution and promotional medium for pricey accessories. The boxes are sturdy which would support and keep the rings safe from scratches during handling and delivery. You can smartly use packaging for giving potential shoppers an overview of the variety of stones and quality silver, platinum, and gold used in jewelry. Tell the customers about your unique wedding and festive collections that have contemporary and traditional items.

You need to sign up with an experienced custom box manufacturer to get smart packaging solutions. Prior to picking a printing provider, make sure that it is familiar with the latest trends and has a creative design team. Boxes printed considering the psychographics of your target audience would get your offerings noticed. Focus on the content and aesthetical aspects of your boxes to get desired results out of them.

We are sharing pointers on printing hard to ignore and worth keeping packaging!

Woo the Ruby Ring Lovers

Rigid boxes for gemstone rings ought to be entrancing. Keep the artwork simple yet striking. You don’t really need a lot of images and text on the boxes to make them attractive. Even a basic but different design can make the packaging stand out. Use beauty and jewelry quotes and themes, inspirations that have shades of red. You can have gift and decorative boxes printed on events like Valentine’s and Mother’s Day.

Supportive and Storable Custom Printed Rigid Boxes

Boxes for dainty jewelry pieces must have inserts to provide them ultimate protection and preventing the tiny and delicate stones from coming out during storage and transportation. Cardboard can be used for manufacturing packaging for jewelry as the stock is flexible and strong enough to get die-cut in your desired dimensions. Full color printing adds to the strength and outlook of boxes giving it a great finishing. Foil stamping, UV coating and glossy/matte lamination are the custom options you have.

Packaging that makes Shoppers Gratified with their Purchase

Attached a little card at the top of the boxes or give it away that has significance of wearing ruby. The stone is one of the most popular gems in the world. Surprise the customers with thoughtful gestures like a discount voucher, or free storage pouch. This way you will get repeat shoppers. Read here for more: best mall in London

The custom rigid box can have lids or magnetic closure as both these styles give customers the convenience to take out the rings without much effort and store them back. Packaging with your updated and accurate contact information and store’s location would make it easier for the new and existing buyers to locate and connect with you.

Boxes for wedding jewelry and other festive range can be decorated with paper roses and ribbons. Have separate boxes printed for deals and exclusive offers.

Have your food, retail and accessories rigid boxes printed by the Legacy Printing with quality printing materials and latest customizations. Reach out to the support team to know about the order processing and production timeline!




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