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Reviewing Some of the Most Useful Swiss Army Knives for Sale

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Looking for a quick and affordable way to fill out your collection of pocket knives? Don’t miss a chance to pick up one of these Swiss Army Knives for sale over at White Mountain Knives. They’re made from high-quality blade steel, scales and materials, exhibit flawless craftsmanship, and are reasonably priced. What better reasons could you give for adding one to your pack or to your collection?

  • Victorinox Classic SD
    The Victorinox Classic SD is just that – a classic among Victorinox Swiss Army Knives for sale. It might be small, and it only has a few tools, like a knife, a pair of scissors, a nail file and a few others, but it is extremely light and convenient. That’s why pockets, packs and junk drawers around the world almost always have one within reach.


  • Victorinox Climber
    The Victorinox Climber starts to get back into what makes Victorinox what it is. The Climber packs a big punch with its larger handle that features a more ergonomic grip and its larger, more complete roster of tools. Among them are two knife blades, scissors, bottle and can openers, screwdrivers, a hook, a corkscrew, an awl, and much more. Tools like this are what has made Victorinox popular and capable tools for years.


  • Victorinox Evolution S17
    The Victorinox Evolution S17 is one step up from the Climber and has a few different features that make it tougher and more practical. For one, in place of the classic plastic handle scales, the Evolution S17 is made with ergonomic ABS scales with swells that perfectly fit the contours of the hand. It also features a locking blade, much more practical in most outdoor scenarios, along with a variety of the tools of the former entry. As a notable addition, it also has a wood saw which can be a highly valuable tool in camp.


  • Victorinox Swiss Champ
    The Victorinox Swiss Champ takes the original Swiss Army Knife of Karl Elsener’s fancy and elevates it to a mythic multi-tool of Leatherman-like proportions. The Swiss Champ has over 20 tools, highlights among which include a magnifying glass, a fish scaler, a metal saw and file, a ballpoint pen and a wood chisel. It’s like a mini traveling workbench – but it’s light and highly practical.


  • Victorinox One Hand Trekker
    While the Victorinox One Hand Trekker lacks the overbearing portfolio of tools of the former entry, it has quite a few features that make it a highly useful addition to any set of Victorinox Swiss Army Knives for sale.

It has a very capable blade that can be opened with one hand and also locks via the aid of a liner lock mechanism for durability and stability, as well as an equally proportioned wood saw that can make light work of many camp chores. What it lacks in some tools, it makes up for in comfort and ergonomics; the palm swells of its graciously sized handles leave little to be desired.

It’s the perfect crossover between a classic Swiss Army Knife and some other dedicated folders that lack additional functionality.

Learn More at White Mountain Knives
For those of you reading this who are tossed up across your options, don’t feel like you need to settle on just one. One of the great things about most Swiss Army Knives for sale is that they’re not priced to offend. You could start a collection and only be out the cost of one or two other high-end knives. Best of all, the quality is there.

Visit White Mountain Knives at WhiteMountainKnives.com to get a deal on your Victorinox blades of choice, whether you settle on one of these or on some other models. Their selection and prices are great, it’s easy shopping through their site, and they offer free shipping in the U.S. as well!

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