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Review Pod Mod Uwell Caliburn KOKO 11W

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It’s hard to get excited about new low-power pod mods, but when something is done right, we have to give it credit. Little UKO Caliburn KOKO can’t offer anything we’ve seen before. It’s a solid effort from a company renowned for performance and value.

Let’s dive into the specs

KO Uib Caliburn KOKO Pod System… a finely crafted vaping pod system manufactured with a built-in 520mAh rechargeable battery. Caliburn pod compatibility is good and can be concealed in the palm of the hand easily. Constructed from high-quality aluminum alloy, Uwell Caliburn KOKO’s chassis is moderately impacted resistant, securely protects a 520mAh rechargeable battery, and features an external matte metal casing.

Caliburn Pods

In addition, the KOKO Caliburn KOKO pod system is compatible with its name, Caliburn is refillable 2mL pods, has a parallel 1.2ohm coil design that easily evaporates eJuice or nicotine salts, delivers delicious flavors and nicotine when needed. furthermore, the KOKO Caliburn kits’ shape and design vary widely, providing a more concealed shape and design for better portability.

The aesthetics of Caliburn KOKO

Okay, no matter which color tone you choose, the only thing anyone will talk about is the size of the KOKO. We have used the term “compact” many times before, but these things keep getting smaller. Size of Zippo lighters, KOKO can get lost… with minimal effort.

But that is not an effective measure. Aiming frankly at mouth-lung vapers (including no adjustable airflow) mod including 1.2-ohm Pro-FOCS coil system and 520mAh battery will give users stable good draw count per charge. And it can recharge fast, as well, back up to less than an hour.

Underneath this grotesque little hood is an exclusive chipset, optimized for KOKO’s capabilities, and shoots instantly when the user draws it. In short, the puff quality must remain constant from the first spraying to the last. That said, the Mod definitely maintained a good level of MTL performance throughout our testing period.

The frame of the car

A durable chassis is built using the same type of zinc alloy that Uwell uses on their full-sized mods. The slim frame size means it’s not nearly as rugged as the larger devices. While a few are dings will affect KOKO’s performance, I would be extra careful about stepping on it or even sitting in the wrong corner.

Finally, one of my only complaints about the KOKO look/feel is a frequent one – the LED light system for battery level and other notifications. I’ve never liked those settings, but this one is exceptionally weak, with dim lighting and ambiguous indicators.

As I said countless times before, let Vieng work harder to find a better way to convey this information without overdoing pod mod design. Lone LED aren Get it done.

Vaping UKO Caliburn KOKO

I use nic saline fluids exclusively with KOKO and are rewarded with some deep, sharp flavors and throat hits. The draw is definitely an MTL pull, and trying to steer this mod’s lungs will only result in a very bad experience. But when used like a cigarette, KOKO provides a sense of authenticity, with some somewhat surprising quality.

The shell itself should also be mentioned. While the 2mL capacity doesn’t really excite me, you really can’t expect more from a mod of this size. So yes, you will likely fill more of you with more reasonably sized pod mods, these cartridges have lasted for two weeks, which is more notable than competing products.

Battery life of Caliburn KOKO

Battery life is only “OK. However, it is a small pod mod. I am not surprised that KOKO has been working all day. I’m not sure how they crammed a 520mAh battery into this compact frame, but they did it, and without any excess heat, even after heavy use. This was all a concern we had when we first saw these mods, and are happy to report that it was not an issue with KOKO.

So don’t expect vaping all day for a fee, but the chipset looks pretty efficient and should get you through most of a workday without needing to be plugged in. Of course, once you top up, it takes about an hour to go from empty to full.


– Obviously very good taste

– Draw immediately

– Strong pod longevity


– It might be too small

– 2mL of juice capacity is sufficient

– Enough with single LEDs


Readers often know how tiring we are to reread pod mods, but overall, we like the Uwell Caliburn KOKO pod system. The frame was too small and the limited juice capacity didn’t excite us. The taste is strong and the vape quality is remarkable. If this size appeals to you, show it to KOKO.


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