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Result of the GP of Hungary 2020

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Result of the GP of Hungary 2020: It is raining on the Hungaroring prior to the race. When Max Verstappen goes to the grid from the pit lane, he loses control of his car and  . In the end, his car was repaired just in time by the mechanics. Hamilton starts this race from pole position and has Bottas next to him.

Result of the GP of Hungary 2020: A GOOD START FOR MAX

At the start, Verstappen immediately takes a very good position and wins many places to take P3 after the first corners. Meanwhile, Bottas has gone very badly and he falls back behind the Ferraris.

Already in the second round Leclerc and Bottas decide to get new slick tires. Stroll, Vettel and Hamilton make a pit stop a lap later. Verstappen then continues for two laps. When the Dutchman comes out on slicks again, he is in second position.


On the new tires, Verstappen is fast on this circuit for the first time this weekend. Meanwhile, Bottas is catching up and is struggling to get past the Ferrari of Charles Leclerc. In lap 10 he finally passes the Monegask with DRS and is on his way to the Haas cars and and Stroll. Magnussen and Grosjean already got new tires right at the start, so they drive on P3 and P5.

After 33 laps Bottas is still behind Stroll. In that round he comes in to get new tires, even though there are always reports of rain. That rain does not continue enough and Verstappen and Stroll also make a pit stop. Bottas therefore takes over third place from the racing point. Hamilton also stops, but is not under any pressure from anyone.

Result of the GP of Hungary 2020


If everyone has new tires, Bottas is considerably faster than Verstappen. The Finn therefore rides on the softer medium tires, with which he is rapidly approaching. With about 25 laps to go, Bottas is close to Verstappen. Mercedes calls him in in round 50 to get hard tires. That gives Max some breathing space.

In the final phase of the race, Bottas has to make up for 18 seconds on Verstappen. If the hard tires on the Mercedes are new, Bottas is making good progress. In the final round, Bottas gets close enough to attack, but it’s not enough to beat Verstappen. Hamilton wins the race with ease, Verstappen comes in second after a crash before the race and Bottas takes the last podium place.


1.  L. Hamilton
2.  M. Verstappen
3.  V. Bottas
4.  L. Stroll
5.  A. Albon
6.  S. Vettel
7.  S. Pérez
8.  D. Ricciardo
9.  K. Magnussen
10.  C. Sainz Jr.
11.  C. Leclerc
12.  D. Kvyat
13.  L. Norris
14.  E. Ocon
15.  R. Grosjean
16.  K. Räikkönen
17.  A. Giovinazzi
18.  G. Russell
19.  N. Latifi
20.  P. Gasly

Photo: Red Bull Content Pool, Ferrari, Daimler AG, McLaren, Racing Point

Result of the GP of Hungary 2020


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