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Restaurants and the Coronavirus Concern

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Everyone would be hard-pressed to find one person who has not been to a restaurant of some kind. The perennial question is always, “What’s your favorite restaurant?” Eating out is a considerable part of the American experience. It is also the fabric of daily life because there are people that actually eat out every day. One of the easiest and quickest social outings always contains a visit to a restaurant.

The restaurant industry employs over fifteen million people in the US and there are over one million restaurants in America, which equates to an average of 20,000 restaurants per state. In addition, it is projected that for the year 2020, restaurants will add more than $850 billion in annual revenue to the economy. Since the numbers indicate that restaurants can absolutely turn a great profit, there are start-ups and numerous publicly traded restaurants.

What is also evident is that restaurants truly have a local dynamic and feel. We now have farm-to-table restaurants that take advantage of local farming resources to allow restaurant patrons to contribute even more to the local economy. With the advent of the coronavirus (COVID-19), restaurants have been experiencing a tumultuous decline in revenue and employment. What has helped the restaurant industry tremendously during this time is technology.

Technology partners that have apps that consumers can download have allowed some restaurants to continue to secure some revenue from those customers that know them and know the quality of their food. For those restaurants that do not have direct apps, there are many universal deliver apps that cater to restaurants and these can be used as well. If a client uses one of these restaurant delivery apps, they can get food delivered directly to their residence rather than choosing to go out and dine at their favorite restaurant. With many states ordering shelter-in-place guidelines, it has proven to be a good workaround for those that still crave restaurant foods.

Brick and mortar restaurants are not the only consideration when we refer to restaurants. We now have mobile restaurants or food trucks and restaurant kiosks. These businesses are categorized as restaurants, and they have avid customers as well. What is clear is that these restaurants do not have a formal delivery mechanism that can help during a crisis, but they do have a phone number. Therefore, many of these restaurants have been relegated to putting out fliers on automobiles and on doorsteps. This allows them to create a delivery service so that they still have a chance to do business.

For the most part, supplies will always be an issue. Maintaining a healthy balance between food supplies that will definitely be used and those that will most likely not be needed, is a balancing act that all restaurants must manage. What is great is that there is no food or restaurant supply shortage, so restaurants, food trucks, and kiosks can still order exactly what they need to satisfy the hunger in their customers.

America has a robust restaurant industry and it is growing each year. More and more families dine out. Individuals are becoming tagged as a term known as “foodies.” A foodie is a person that has a keen interest in prepared food and the ingredients in that food. Foodies are leading the charge by making sure they stay abreast of innovative information and leading-edge spices that make a great meal.

Fortunately, restaurants do have the ability to adapt to a changing environment, which is evident with the (Coronavirus) COVID-19 incident. This ensures that the best possible scenario can be reached. This is an extremely important issue because the restaurant industry in America does employ almost ten percent of the workforce, which makes this sector the second-largest employer in the country.

The National Restaurant Association has detailed information on the scale and scope of restaurant operations in the USA. What is amazing is that every one dollar spent in restaurants can create at least thirty more jobs in the total economy. This makes the restaurant industry indispensable. Thankfully, a restaurant’s ability to create their own technology and make use of cellular application delivery services has created a bridge to the new economy, post the Coronavirus.


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