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Reset Netgear Extender: The Ultimate Guide

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Facing WiFi connectivity issues with your Netgear WiFi range extender? Has it acting sluggish after successfully completing Netgear extender setup? Is your Netgear extender not letting you access mywifiext.net setup page for modifying or changing the settings? If your answer to any of these questions is in yes, then this article is for you.

This particular post covers 2 proven methods to reset Netgear extender in minutes. Let’s get the ball rolling!

Why There Is A Need To Reset Netgear Extender?

The Netgear extender reset process is required if:

  • Your Netgear WiFi range extender is acting weird

  • Can login to extender

  • Netgear extender not connecting to the internet

  • You are continuously getting “extender connected but no internet” error

Be it any issue major or minor, resetting Netgear extender will fix it permanently.

Netgear extender reset process can be a daunting task for a newbie. But if you follow the exact steps given in this post, it will be a piece of cake for you.

But before resetting your Netgear extender, we want you to have a quick glance at some important points highlighted below.

Select a Working Power Outlet

To reset Netgear extender without any hassle:

  • Do not connect your Netgear extender into a working and damage-free wall outlet.

  • Avoid using worn-out and dusty Ethernet cables.

  • Don’t connect any of your devices to the extender during the reset process.

Turn on Your Netgear Extender

  • Make sure to provide your Netgear extender adequate power supply.

  • Do not place your Netgear extender near to public WiFi, household kitchen appliances, electronic gadgets, baby monitors, cordless phones, and Bluetooth speakers.

Note down the Settings

Prior to resetting Netgear extender, it is suggested to note down the settings you have modified during Netgear extender setup.

The settings you need to take the backup are:

  • WiFi network name (SSID)

  • Mywifiext.net login details

  • Wireless channel number

  • Security settings and more

That is it! These were some important points you need to implement before resetting your Netgear extender. Now, without much delay, let us ring up the curtains from the Netgear range extender reset process.

There are 2 methods to factory reset your Netgear extender:

  • First is using the reset button

  • Second is using the web-user interface

Factory Reset Netgear Extender Using the Reset Button

Walk through the steps given below to reset your Netgear extender via reset button:

  • Plug in your Netgear extender.

  • Turn it on.

  • Locate the factory reset button on your Netgear extender.

  • Push it using an oil-pin or paper clip.

  • Keep holding the reset hole for a short while, release it and your extender will be reset back to factory default values.

Now, you can setup Netgear extender and change its settings via mywifiext setup page.

Factory Reset Netgear Extender Using Web-User Interface

  • Power on your Netgear extender.

  • Open any web browser of your choice on a PC or laptop.

  • Navigate to the default web user interface of your Netgear extender via mywifiext.net. If you have a MacBook, iPhone, or iPad, use mywifiext local web address for getting into the setup page of your Netgear extender.

  • Post that, a login window will appear.

  • Fill in the admin credentials into the required fields and click on Log In.

  • Netgear Genie smart wizard will open.

  • Locate the Factory reset button.

  • Click on Yes, confirm your decision and complete the reset process.

That’s it! Your Netgear extender resets successfully using the web-user interface. After this process, your extender will restart automatically. So, don’t fret out, remain calm, and have patience! Still, unable to reset Netgear extender? Worry not! Straight away get in touch with our experts via comments.


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