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Replacing A Partition With A Glass Door, The Good Idea For Summer

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Good Idea For Summer: The summer holidays mark a break in his daily routine and give us time for reflection. We often take the time to think about personal and family projects, and sometimes we also think about what we would like to change in our life or in our personal environment. It is therefore the ideal time to consider changing the decoration, to make interior design projects that can be initiated at the start of the school year in September or in October. Among the innovations desired for its living environment, the need for space and light is regularly highlighted. However, it is not always easy to achieve this without moving but here are some decorating tips to achieve and easy to implement.

Good Idea For Summer: Give more light to a room

If one of your rooms lacks natural light, such as a windowless kitchen or bathroom, the best way to remedy this is to create an opening to another room. For the kitchen and it will therefore suffice to open it to the living room, a dining room or a hallway and the bathroom will ideally open to an adjoining bedroom.

The installation of a glass door to another room is the optimum solution to replace an entire wall. The method consists not only of creating a glass door in a wall but of replacing the entire partition with a glass frame, with glazing and integrated door. The room can thus retain its closed character while becoming luminous.

All frames are possible according to the style of your home: wood, brushed steel, lacquered metal, etc. To each their own look for total personalization and tailor-made adaptation to their decoration.

More space with a sliding glass door

Good Idea For Summer: Sliding doors are well known to save space because the space dedicated to the usual opening of a classic door is removed. In this area, there are also several technical solutions depending on your budget and the importance of the work you want to do.

The cheapest option is to install a door on an exposed track. This is positioned in the upper part directly on the wall, a bit like a curtain rod, and the door will be hung and suspended there thanks to metal wheels integrated into its structure. The door will be blocked by a metal part positioned on the rail at the desired location and the lower part of the door will move freely. No masonry work is therefore to be expected and the installation is very fast.

To bring brightness to a space, nothing prevents you from creating this glass door with a metal frame.

If you are embarking on a heavier and more complete retrofitting program, the ideal is to install a door on integrated track and the ultimate will be the door which will also fit directly into the partition and will not come in excess thickness on the section of wall. This type of installation is called a pocket door and optimizes the space even more since it disappears completely when it is in the open position. It is therefore possible to place a piece of furniture on the opposite side of the partition.

There is therefore a technical glass door solution for every desire, budget and configuration.


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