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Repeater.asus.com not working? Some reasons and troubleshooting steps

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Hi guys, I am a web developer from the USA. If someone asks me my favourite router then obviously I would choose Asus. Asus is the best brand in the field of routers and extenders. Nowadays, its value is growing limitlessly just because of its speed and fast connectivity. Besides, the primary functions of the router are too easy to understand. There are a lot of series of this brand of router and you can purchase them according to your choice. Today, I will let you know about repeater.asus.com and how this website helps to login to the Asus router.

To login the Asus Extender account the repeater.asus.com is the best online website. With the help of this website you can easily login to your Asus router. The user can also add a default username and a password. To enjoy the best advantages of the router you should first know about how to login to the router. So, let’s know about how to login to the Asus router using repeater.asus.com:

Step1. Go to settings of your device then select wi-fi option. Find the default name of your wi-fi router then connect it to your device.

Step2. Launch a web browser say Google chrome and enter http://repeater.asus.com at the address bar of Google chrome.

Step3. Clicking the website you would see an image of a chart . Select the wi-fi net then enter the security key or the password which is shown in the outlook of your router and press the connect button.

Step4. You can enter a new password as well as a new network name as your wish. Click next.

Step5. Go to Settings again. Connect your device to the extended name and then press your new password. Now, you are able to get the best speed of your Asus router. You should have known how easy the process was. It all was because you have logged in your router using repeater.asus.com.

So, we have known about the logging in to the Asus router using repeater.asus.com . But, what will you do if your Asus router will disconnect again.

What to do when your Asus router is disconnected again?

If you have logged in your Asus router using repeater.asus.com the Asus router can hardly be disconnect. But sometimes because of some technical problems your fix Asus wi-fi not does not work in WINDOWS 10. To get rid of this troubleshooting problem you should follow the steps given below:

  1. On the desktop of your computer, first go to the Start option and search for ‘Control Panel’ in the address bar. Open the Control Panel option you should also open the ‘Network and internet’ option. 
  2. You will able to see some options and click at the ‘Network and Sharing’ option of them
  3. Again, some options will be visible at the screen and click at the ‘Change Adapter Settings’ option.
  4. Then right click at ‘Network Adaptor’ and then select properties.
  5. Select Internet Protocol 4 [TCP/IPV4].
  6. Click on Properties again and select the use the Following DNS Server.
  7. You will be able to see a database where you have to put the data in the following manner:

Type ‘’ in the DNS Properties and again type ‘’ in the Alternate DNS section then press PK.

  1. After finishing all these steps, close the WINDOW. Your problem will be solve or clear.

If the website(repeater.asus.com) is not accessible:

The default web address to access the login page of your Asus router to open the web-based user interface is  http://repeater.asus.com .This website allows you the best way to login to the Asus router. The website is used to give the structure to the extender or the router. When an error message is encountered while accessing the web address then you will definitely get a reason for this checking follow these points given below:

Before doing the steps given below you should first try to access the login page using the default IP address for an Asus router. Easily can find it at the product label or quick installation guide for the Asus extender.

  • You should first clear the cache of the browser that you are going to use or try from a different browser.
  • Can also reboot your extender.
  • Rest your router or the extender to factory default settings and try again till it will be done.
  • Try from another device i.e an another computer or a laptop.
  • If all the efforts are waste then connect your router through wire. You can make your wired connection using ethernet cable.
  • Disconnect or unplug the router and all the cables that are connected to it and connect those again.

These steps may help you to access your Asus repeater again.

You can also get to know about all these issues using repeater.asus.com not working . Which will let you know the phenomenal steps behind logging in to the Asus router.

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