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Rent a Car – Tips to Make the Most of Your Rental

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If you wish to visit Sharjah then you can rent a car from Dubai Creek. Sharjah is located on the Arabian Peninsula. It is the second largest emirate in UAE and is an important tourist and business centre in the country. Visitors from all over the world visit Sharjah and take back some good memories.

Rent a car Sharjah International Airport & take your journey to the city. The city has over 600 souk shops from which one can buy anything from anything to plants. When touring the whole market you will come across two sections, one for gifts, electronic goods and jewelry and another section for gems, gold, silver and precious stones. You can also rent a car from here for safaris or tours to Al-Gabel, Jumeirah and other cities in the region. From Sharjah you can also rent a car to head towards or from any of the five international airports that Sharjah shares its airport facility with.

The Sharjah heritage area is famous for its souks. These are large open air stores or markets where you can shop for unique handicrafts made in Sharjah from local artists and craftsmen. The Souk at the Al-Wasiyeh Market carries a wide range of items. You can purchase all kinds of clothing, household utensils, kitchen equipment and even electronic devices.

Sharjah’s most famous landmark – the Al-Gabel mosque is located in the center of town. This is a century old building which once served as a pharmacy before it was renovated into a beautiful mosque with a grand facade. Inside the museum there is a permanent collection of relics and archaeological finds from Sharjah’s ancient times.

Other tourist attractions include the Sharjah Museum and the Sharjah Cultural Center. Sharjah’s museums have a vast collection of fine arts ranging from the 14th century to the 21st century. In addition to the museums, Sharjah offers other cultural activities such as street food, traditional Arabic dance and music, camel safaris, water sports during the hot summer months. All types of car rentals international airport are available to rent a car from here.

The Sharjah Cultural Center features a vast collection of cultural arts ranging from the western world to the Islamic world. Here you can view exhibits on subjects as diverse as art and music to Arabic and Persian literature. The Al-Noor Gallery is home to an exquisite collection of antique decorative pieces ranging from aside and safari work to the beautiful rugs depicting the Taj Mahal. For some of the rarer breeds of animals, you can hire a Sharjah car rental and visit the Sharjah National Park, the largest in the UAE.

The Central Market is one of the most heavily visited sections of the city and you can use it to your advantage to rent a car. You will find many car rental shops here as well as touristic cafes and restaurants that offer local cuisine and local wares. You can also take a taxi to the Faraidah airport or catch a bus that will take you to the Sharjah International Airport.

If you are looking for a more relaxing way to explore Sharjah, then you should head towards the Sharjah Museum. Built in 1827, the museum houses some of the world’s oldest and most valuable collections. The Souk Al-Noor is the largest souk in the region and is built from the ruins of an ancient Arab city. This souk contains all sorts of local products, but the most valuable items are clockworks and gold coins. If you rent a car, you can also try out the various other tourist attractions in Sharjah such as the Sharjah Gold Centre, Sharjah Fountain and the Al-Wasiyan Cultural Center.


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