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Relationships not to be left to Opportunity

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There can not be a risk in relationships. Everything we do, as a couple, establishes and forms the bond we now have. Resolved questions should be put aside, but unanswered problems would continue with us because if they were a concern in the past, they will become a problem in the future. Don’t believe it is going to work out and you should leave the friendship to change. There’s a good risk if it doesn’t work out.

We must always understand that what is placed into a partnership between us and our spouses is what we get out of it. When we use the time together for quality time, we are more likely to flourish together than to split apart. Time alone does not create trust in a pair. What should gain confidence is instead of how we act over time.

It does not just recover by itself if there are too many threats and too many opportunities, and you damage a partnership. Do not only expect to have something done on time or overtime, use the time to help recovery wisely, not to cause more damage to the partnership. You might believe you are meant to be with one another but we will create the best partnerships with the free will and decisions we created.

It is all very well and acceptable to expect that someday you can find the right partnership. It is also good to pray that the world brings you the right guy. The same people who hope that the correct individual then will make up for someone wrong for them have little sense. Of course, this individual can want the same stuff one day out of a partnership. But note, there is an equal probability that out of a friendship you do, they never want the same thing.

The world may add someone to your existence, so you know who you want to offer a shot. Make smart decisions even though you are lonely for a moment. There’s nothing wrong with resisting too dangerous and too challenging partnerships at an early stage. It’s all right to end a partnership without a big struggle or real problem. If you’re not in anyone or don’t truly think that you have a future as a couple, why drag things out? Why don’t you want to stop stuff until they’re bad?

You are entitled to say no and to break a friendship that doesn’t fit for you. Don’t feel it, so you don’t have a “fair excuse” why some people might call you incorrect to finish it. You don’t want anyone to spend time on a friendship, so why would you do this to another person? Relationships can not be allowed to be left to chance, when we finally shape, construct or kill them. Good luck and luck will play a part, but the rest is up to us. 


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