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Reinvent your Custom Gift Card Boxes the Best Way Possible

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The gift boxes we make for our customers are luxurious and fabulous. Our clients select the material, quality, and cost of choosing our packages. Having various customers ranging from different people to retail companies, we ensure that we have something for everyone. Our wholesale clients can benefit from the wide choice of our gift boxes. We also entertain our clients to have a choice of personalized gift boxes. Customized Custom Gift card boxes can increase the beauty of gifts. If the packaging is personal, the prize becomes more valuable. Our printing experts have advanced equipment and technology and high-end printing inks. All that allows them to help us give you a gift packaging solution that is second to none at affordable prices.

Add a Personal Touch of Customization

People are now bored with traditional design boxes. They are looking for something new in the box, and therefore, the company must adjust it so that more people reach them. Customization of Cardboard Gift Boxes gives them a unique and distinctive display that many people love.
You can use different styles to lure your customers. Variety in designs dazzles customers, that’s for sure! For example, The window will help customers to see the inside of the box. Instead of going for a horizontal box to add a gift card, they can be made in different forms or have a die-cut design applied to it.
This particular character of the box helps get unique status in the market with its nature and nature. Customers also like to choose packages that have special, and therefore adjustments carry more traffic to the business and are an innovative way to approach customers.

Make all Occasions and Events Memorable

Their attractive packaging can force clients to purchase on the market. The boxes can look differently using machines and printing technologies to provide them with a specific aspect of certain events. These boxes are then loved by many people and also attract people’s attention. In addition, the company can also allow customers to make Gift card boxes in bulk if they need to provide a card for someone for their special day. In addition to this one, at Christmas or New Year, Eid, a special box that connects well with such occasions can be made. Not just holidays but events like:

  • Weddings
  • Engagements
  • Bridal showers
  • Baby showers
  • Birthdays

Design them for some special events and occasions is an innovative way that no customer is waiting. When they see these boxes on the racks, they instantly decide to place their gift cards on such occasions.

Focus on the Safety of the Box.

The boxes must be of high quality. They must also maintain their structure and forms on the shelves of the market. The boxes can have a unique appearance, but they will not be anything if they are not durable and have no strength. All designs in the Gift card packaging will not add anything good if you do not have any resistant property.
For this reason, they must consist of solid and practical materials, like

  • Kraft boxes, consisting of wood pulp
  • Corrugated packaging
  • E-flute card boxes

They are not just strong but ecologically friendly as well. These materials are 100% but degradable, and you can recycle them for other storage purposes.

Printing Techniques Makes for an Elegant Design

Rather than bore your customers with old designs, they can be printed with elegant designs and ideas. It will help you give a unique look to the boxes. Printed boxes are also helpful in providing a product-quality view. They generate a positive value of products on the market and bring them to the upper position. The packages with a printer, so simple or have more design, will have a more attractive appearance than a box with nothing on it.
Printing the box is done with the help of many most recent techniques and innovations like:

  • Offset printing
  • Digital printing
  • on-screen impressions
  • UV spot printing
  • flexography

All these fantastic printing techniques give the desired printing effect and add to their value. The boxes of printed and elegant gift cards receive massive attention from customers.

Laminations and Coatings are Dual-Purpose!

The boxes need to have an innovative and creative aspect without an adequate and suitable coating. These layers give a special touch to the boxes and protect them from damage or any other damage. Furthermore, for providing a bright look for the gift box, it is laminated with a bright coat and gives it a classy look; these coatings offer a luxurious touch for the Gift Card Boxes Wholesale and highlight them in the market.

  • silver/gold foiling
  • Matte lamination
  • Gloss lamination
  • Textures lamination
  • Metallic lamination

Apart from that, if a company wants to add your name to the box, then they can make it prominent with

  • Embellish
  • Debossing and embossing
  • Elevated Inks.
  • Etching

Stamping options on the boxes give them an extravagant aspect; The Innovative Packaging is helpful to provide a distinctive look at the packages and keep them safe.


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