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How do Reduce your Long Term Care Facility Billing Burnout and Stress

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With the hit of the pandemic crisis, workforces have been badly suffered in all the industry especially in the healthcare domain. With the confusion of the virtual workforce and staying remote; healthcare practices are finding it really difficult in managing their experienced billers and coders in this competitive market.

Furthermore some blame on the American Rescue Plan and the $300 weekly bonus checks for which with combined unemployment benefits, most of the billers and coders wouldn’t have made so much by returning to the workforce.

Today with the market being in a tight space for both clinical and nonclinical; the gaps between finding the perfect billers and coders team are in fact getting harder and harder along with experiencing excessive burnout. This not only resulting in many practices to opt for outsourcing their long term care facility billing and other medical billing specialties.

Sunknowledge Services Inc – the alternative answer for reducing your long term care facility billing burden:

When your in-house billers and coders end up being a liability, Sunknowledge experts provide you with a pool of experienced billers and coders; taking up your complete long term care facility billing and offering seamless operational services. Resolving you from the complex form UB 04 to working on piles of paperwork, Sunknowledge Services Inc takes care of it all.

With real time audit and continuous follow up, Sunknowledge experts resolve all your backlogs as old as three years with a faster collection process; giving you more time to engage patients better in the long run.

In fact, diagnosing challenges from each front and back end work for your long term care facility billing; Sunknowledge experts further helps in not only identifying your problem area but also work on it rigorously implementation a better chance for your revenue management.

So if you are looking to reduce your practice management gaps with an experienced operational extension that helps you further save your time, money and resources with better patient care Sunknowledge Services Inc is the one and only extension satisfying all your requirements.

In fact with 100s of excellent industry references, Sunknowledge has the capability across all practice management making us the leading RCM solution in the industry. For more information on how our expert can change your complete billing process, get in touch with us over a no commitment call.


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