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Tips on How to Reduce Uric Acid

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If you want to know how to reduce uric acid levels in your body, you are not alone. It is becoming more common for people to have this condition. Although many people don’t realize how serious it can be, the pain that is associated with this can literally be life threatening. The good news is that there is an effective way to curb this problem. By simply making small changes to your diet, you will find that you are starting to get healthier.

how to reduce uric acid

When you are looking at how to reduce uric acid levels in your body, one of the things that you have to take into consideration is what you are putting into your body. Because high uric acid levels occur when you are consuming food that is high in purines, cutting these out of your diet will go a long way towards lowering your levels. It may seem like they are a ton of good food options that you should stay away from, but the truth is that they just re lots of foods that you should avoid to help with lowering uric acid levels in your blood.

The best way to limit these purines is by creating a week long diet fast. This means that you will be cutting out all of the high purine foods that you normally consume. Instead you will be focusing on eating only the food types that will help to lower your overall blood purine level. Some of the best foods to eat that will help to lower your blood purine levels are lentils, peas, almonds, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, bananas, tomatoes, mushrooms, cherries and ice cream.

There are many people who say that cherries are great for gout attacks. However, this is simply not true. It has been studied and proven that cherries do absolutely nothing for gout attacks. While it is true that they do contain some antioxidants, which can reduce your levels of uric acid, eating too much of them can actually make your gout worse. So the bottom line is to stay far away from cherries while you are on a how to reduce uric acid diet.

Almonds are also very unhealthy food for controlling uric acid levels, especially because they have been found to cause an increase in inflammation. Uric acid is a product of inflammation and high levels of it within the body will cause many different problems. One of them is gout, which will often attack the joints. Almonds are good in many ways and can help with inflammation, but they should only be eaten moderately.

Other foods that you might want to consider limiting how much you consume are sardines, red meat, alcohol and protein powder. It is known that excessive protein in your diet can cause uric acid buildup in your body, and it tends to produce more when you consume purine-rich foods. So if you are trying to learn how to reduce uric acid, it is important that you avoid all protein-rich foods, including seafood and meats like beef. Sardines can also have a high amount of purine content and should be avoided as well.

You can find the best dietician in your area by checking your local phone directory or by searching online. Finding someone who can provide the right advice regarding your particular ailment is not as easy as it sounds. However, there are certain food sources that you can incorporate into your diet that will help you lower your uric acid level.

Among the best sources of antioxidants among different food sources, gout is one of them. Gout attacks the joints in the legs, which means that limiting the consumption of foods that contain high amounts of purines could definitely help you get rid of gout. Among the foods that are good sources of antioxidants are green leafy vegetables, berries, tomatoes, spinach, asparagus and other leafy vegetables. Also remember that your gout attacks will probably be more severe if you consume too much protein. Make sure you don’t overdo it by consuming way too many proteins, especially if you’re an athlete or you are following an intense physical exercise routine.


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