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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: The Top Benefits of Car Recycling

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Sales of automobiles in the United States is now off the charts and it keeps increasing every year. Tesla has taken over the automobile industry with a storm. The brilliant use of electricity in Teslas is leaving people in awe and is persuading them to switch. With this uprising, more and more people are switching to electric cars leaving the traditional petrol engines to catch rust. With that being said, if you too want to switch to electric cars or any other car and are wondering what to do with your old one, then this blog is for you as we will tell you why it is a good idea to recycle it.

Following are a few benefits of recycling your old car as they will encourage you to play your part in the betterment of this planet. If you are interested and want to learn more then keep reading.

  1. A decrease in Greenhouse Gases and Manufacturing.

Recycling your car plays a major role in the reduction of materials produced and is surely the most vital reason why you should opt for recycling your car. As a significant part of cars is made via iron and steel, recycling your car will lay a hand in the reduction of raw materials produced and the toxins released into the air. This is due to the fact that comparatively, recycling uses far less energy than manufacturing new products. Hence, the need to mine for raw materials is also reduced which is a huge pollutant. Not just the planet, but by recycling your car you are also improving your health as the air you breathe is also ameliorating. The greenhouse gas emissions are also reducing whilst keeping the animal’s natural habitat safe.

  1. Abandoned vehicles are a huge pollutant.

Reduction in raw materials produced aside, there is another major benefit of recycling your car. Some people tend to stay away from recycling their car as sometimes it can be a time-consuming process. With that being said, instead of recycling the car, people just send it to a landfill or junkyard and abandon it. If you ask us, it is even worse than selling your old car for cash as it greatly enhances the damage to the local environment. If you hire a professional to recycle your vehicle, every single liquid in the car such as gear and engine oil, brake fluids, steering fluids etc. would be disposed of properly. As mentioned above, if you abandon your car and it starts leaking engine oil or any other fluid, the damage it would cause to the environment would be massive.

  1. Significantly enhance your local economy.

Yes, you heard it right. By recycling your car, you can significantly boost the local economy as some small manufacturing companies do not have the financial stability to purchase new steel. This allows such companies to proceed with manufacturing without bearing the burden of purchasing new steel. Moreover, as the manufacturing cost would be low, the companies would keep the final price for the customers low too. Hence, it is a win-win for both; the environment and the local economy.

  1. Make some money from your good deed.

Most people are under a misconception that recycling their car would put them at a major loss as they would be disposing of their car for free instead of selling it for cash. To you ease you with such thought, we assure you that it is not the case as not just for the environment, but recycling is better for your wallet too. At Acres Cash for Cars, we will pay you for your respected car. This is a great option for those people whose old car would sit in their back yard and gather dirt and catch rust. Regardless of the condition of your car, if you are interested in recycling, all you need to do is call us and get a fair estimate. If your car isn’t in working condition, we even provide a free towing service at your convenience.

To sum things up, buying & selling scrap metal is our area of expertise too. If you do have something in the bank for us, without hesitation give us a call or visit us in Hamilton, New Jersey. With that being said, enjoy your new car if you have already purchased one and please take care of your surroundings. Even a small part can eventually lead to something big.


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