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Reddit aware of iOS app issue where clicking on a video link brings up a random video from elsewhere

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Reddit social media has to be one of the most critical developments in the digital era, and today, it’s all about social networking sites. We utilize these platforms for everything from keeping in touch with family and friends to staying up to date on current events, for business, and everything else.

In the past few years, we’ve seen the social network gain a lot of users, many of whom aren’t big fans of popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Reddit, like other internet sites, is aware of outages and malfunctions that we have come to expect from platforms with a worldwide presence.

Now, Reddit users are having an issue with the site. Affected users claim that opening a video in the Reddit app for iOS displays a different incorrect video from somewhere else on the network.

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When I click on a video’s post from any sub in my feed, it serves me an incorrect video from a random replacement. Nothing specific, just some other video. I have to swipe my way over to the next post. I am unable to view comments at all. Learning that this is not an isolated event for me was good.

Yes, this is also happening to me. I went to fight in to watch fools battle in concrete, but whenever I click on NSFW postings, it takes me to something else. I was able to watch a guy sleep with cheetahs because of it, but that isn’t what I came here for.

The problem is widespread, as judged by the quantity of Reddit complaints (1, 2) and the number of up votes these postings attract.

Reddit users have been vocalizing their concerns about the site’s poor performance. Fortunately, this problem has been brought to Reddit. We have since seen it addressed by Reddit support, who informed us that They had forwarded the issue to engineers for further investigation.

Thank you for the link – it ruined my morning completely. I’ve forwarded this to the engineers for further study. Any screen captures of this happening would be greatly appreciate!

Customers are advise to continue submitting their recordings of this problem since it will aid engineers in determining the source.

It’s not yet known how this will affect mobile app subscribers, but some platforms may be unstable for a time. In addition, there could be a method for users affect by this problem on iOS to work around it. According to several people, changing the Reddit app on iOS from card or classic mode fixes the platform playing an incorrect video.

I tested it in card and standard mode, and everything looks fine.

However, we still need more reports from impacted users claiming this technique works.

That said, we’ll watch this Reddit iOS playing the wrong video problem and update you when new information becomes available.


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