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Recover a Bitcoin Wallet with Us

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How to recover a bitcoin wallet?

Bitcoin wallet is a safe in which the users store BTC to keep it safe from hackers and malware. At the time of the invention of bitcoin, there were not so many security risks. With time some risks are associated with it and there is a need to keep bitcoin in safe storage. Most of the users were not aware of the bitcoin wallet. As bitcoin is a #1 cryptocurrency nowadays, so most users know about it. There are two different types of bitcoin wallets i.e offline and online wallets. There are some risks associated with the bitcoin wallet.

Bitcoin wallet lost or lost bitcoin wallet passwords are the problem that bitcoin users face most of the time. According to bitcoin financial specialists, 20 percent of bitcoin users forget about bitcoin wallets. And after that, they search for how to recover bitcoin wallet. We provide a bitcoin wallet recovery service. As we are a wallet recovery service provider company. We have a professional team of bitcoin cybersecurity experts who will entertain you and solve your problem. We only charge if we recover your wallet and charge 1% of the total amount of bitcoins. 

Procedure to recover the bitcoin wallet?

As discussed above, bitcoin can be lost or hacked. A bitcoin wallet or its password can be lost. So you must know the recovery methods. There are some ways through which you can recover a bitcoin wallet but some parts of bitcoin can be lost. 

  • Through address 
  • 12-word recovery phrase
  • Private key
  • Recovery tools

Bitcoin wallet can be recovered through address. The address is used to generate the private keys. These keys are checked one by one and the one which matches is the password. The other method is recovery through a 12-word phrase. It is the most popular and cost-effective method. A 12-word phrase is also used to generate all possible private keys that are checked again and again. If you know a private key and the rest of the information is lost you can still recover a bitcoin wallet through online recovery tools. There and many online tools available that you can use online as well as download them. 


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