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RecordCast – Record Your Computer Screen Online For Free Without Watermarks 2021

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Computer screen recording is a very important matter for the owners of YouTube channels, as well as for teachers and lecturers at the university, as study and work have moved very much to online education.

Capturing office desktop or PowerPoint recording is now easy, as many programs such as Camtasia Studio and websites such as RecordCast Screen Recorder allow you to capture computer or laptop screens.

RecordCast, the best way to record computer screen

RecordCast allows you to photograph your laptop screen online in a very easy way without large-sized or difficult-to-use programs. What’s the best. It’s completely free, and there are no ads when you are using it and even with no watermarks on your final recorded videos.  

Main advantages of RecordCast

  • The interface of the RecordCast website is easy and simple. Anyone can handle it well, and we will explain the steps with pictures.
  • The site is completely free, whether it’s for recording or modification.
  • You can capture the entire computer screen or photograph only one program screen such as PowerPoint, Excel, or record the only tab inside the browser.
  • You can record the device’s sound with the microphone sound together, or choose the microphone only or the device only sound. If you don’t want a sound, choose no audio.
  • Choose screen recording with webcam to appear in the video, screen only, or webcam only.
  • It’s all done directly from the browser on your laptop online without the need for downloading any other heavy software.
  • After photographing the computer screen, you can modify the recorded video with the built-in video editor on the website directly online, without the need to download any complicated video editing programs.

How to record your computer screen?

To create a screen capture of your computer screen without software, you must follow the following steps.

1 – Open the RecordCast website and click the Start Recording button.

2 – Choose Screen Only if you want to record the screen only without Webcam, then click Next Step (you can record your image from the webcam without the need for additional programs). You will be asked to choose the microphone to record your voice. If you want Microphone + System Audio, press Allow.

3 – If you want to record the device’s system sound only, or only audio from the microphone, or both, or not to record any audio. Click the corresponded options: System audio, Microphone, Microphone + System audio, No audio. Then a window will appear, click on Got it.

4 – A very important window will appear after it. You have to click on Share Audio at the bottom. Select the screen area that you want to capture. To photograph the entire computer screen, click on the first option of “Your entire screen”, and you can also go to the Application window to record a specific software screen or the chrome tab to record the browser screen.

5 – After clicking on the word Share, and the computer screen will be filmed directly without external programs or heavy recording programs. You can hide the small bar while recording by using the word Hide. You can end the recording by pressing the Stop sharing button.

6 – Click on Download and Edit to save the video to your device after completion.

Note: This site now supports only 30 continuous minutes of recording. If you prefer more than 30 minutes, you can shoot two videos and then merge them through any merging programs or through the site itself.

Thus you have filmed your computer screen without software through RecordCast.

And now the time comes for editing and editing videos online without the complicated programs.

How to edit videos in RecordCast?

After recording your computer screen, RecordCast provides you with tools for editing the video and cutting your video, controlling the sound, and placing images, texts, stock elements and so on, completely free of charge online.

This picture shows the video editor interface on a computer without desktop software.

It is software that can record desktop and webcam at the same time without installation. The recorded video can be edited by splitting and deleting unnecessary parts of the video, adding text titles, adding background music, adding elements and overlays. And you can save the edited video to your computer in MP4 format at 1080p for free.


Filming a computer screen without step-by-step downloading programs is easier than ever before since I found RecordCast, the best online program for recording computer screens in 2021. 

Now you have comprehensive knowledge about recording a computer screen without software for free and how to edit video on a computer without complicated programs.

Any questions? Tell me what you think about this site through the comments below.


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