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Receding hairline reconstruction

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Receding hairline or androgenetic alopecia can start normally in men as they age but in women it’s more likely to experience thinning than a receding hairline but it’s still possible for a woman to have an androgenetic alopecia. Well how we will identify that we have androgenetic alopecia first we will talk about men.in men it can start from the end of puberty and by the time men reaches their late 30s it will start to happen usually above the side of the head behind the eyes. From there it moves back across the top of the head. This often leaves off a circle of ring of Barnet around the top of a bare scalp.it can also begin above the side of the head behind the eyes but postiche in the middle may stay closer to the frons. This leads to shape which in seeing would look like a V. Now for women the sides and back are typically left off but the part broadens over the top of the scalp and thins greatly.


Receding hairline Vs Normal hairline. Now there is a very simple question that occurs in our mind that how we will distinguish between them here is the answer well actually there isn’t one type of hairline that can be considered normal. A hairline could look different from person to person. As people age it’s common for men for the hairline to recede but if you see more hairs are falling than normal or there is an irregular shape in the lock of the Barnet then you should probably be considered as receding hairline. Now it’s time to chit chat about the solution or how to get rid of this receding hairline. Well, we can’t do anything better than hair restoration surgery.

Receding hairline can be removed by two surgical methods Follicular unit strip surgery and other is follicular unit extraction. So now whenever you go to the doctor’s office for your surgery, he will only have two procedures for your postiche to amend your positive first is follicular unit strip surgery. The surgeon typically removes about a 6 –10-inch strip of your skin in the backside of your head. They then join the two ends which are opened and sew them. The area is hidden by the locks of postiche around it but it leaves a permanent line on the backside of the patient’s head. Next, the surgeon divides the strip which he has extracted from the backside of your head and divides it into 500 to 2,000 tiny grafts, each containing individual postiche or just a few postiches. The type and number of grafts where you are getting the transplant to depend upon your postiche type, quality, colour.

For removing receding hairline, the second method is follicular unit extraction. In this method a circular surgical punch to cut around each hair follicle individually, this releases the root from the surrounding skin. Each follicle is then lifted up using serious care to protect it. Incisions are made in the target area of the scalp, controlled for postiche depth, angulation, direction, and density. Each hair is then reinserted individually. The whole procedure is performed under local anesthetic allowing you to sit back and relax. The area from where the hairs are plugged out heels with dot-like scars, less than a millimetre in size. Usually, these scars cannot be seen when surrounding hair grows to one or two after approximately three months the newly implemented hairs will shed before growing again in four to twelve months. This is when a full hair transplant result can be seen. The result should last for over 20 years, maybe you can say for a lifetime.


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