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5 Reasons Why You Should Only Use Organic Natural Hand Sanitizer

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Who has ever thought that hand sanitizers will become a dire need of the time? You will see a bottle of hand sanitizer on every counter of shops, banks, malls, spas, restaurants basically anywhere you can imagine. It has become common practice not only in Singapore but also in the entire world. The government of Singapore also has imposed strict restrictions to follow all standard safety protocols due to the pandemic. But the question is, is your hand sanitizer a natural and organic one?

How is Organic Natural Hand Sanitizer is Made?

Many companies made hand sanitizers with different ingredients. Some companies create their own brand of hand sanitizers using only organic ingredients while others may choose to use artificial ones. You can also make organic natural hand sanitizer easily. There are many options in organic ingredients. The best of them are tea tree oil and thyme oil. You can keep adding more elements to this basic recipe to create a special hand sanitizer that is unique to your business.

The best way to make a sanitizer one that is suitable for sensitive skin. Organic natural hand sanitizer is in demand and not just in Singapore, people all around the world are using it on a daily basis. Some of the organic ingredients that companies use are:

•           Aloe Vera gel

•           Green tea extracts

•           Natural honey

•           Lemon

•           Peppermint

•           Eucalyptus

•           Rosemary

•           Glycerine

•           Ylang-ylang

•           Ginger extracts

•           Lemongrass

•           Lily of the valley

You have to use ethyl or isopropyl alcohol and essential oils along with any of these natural herbs and ingredients in order to create a successful organic hand sanitizer. Besides these ingredient, essential oil is also a very important ingredient in a hand sanitizer.

•           Sweet almond oil

•           Lavender oil

•           Tea tree oil

•           Thyme oil

These are some of the common essential oils that most companies use as part of the ingredient in their hand sanitizer.

Reasons to Only Use Organic Natural Hand Sanitizers:

The organic ingredient is the reason in itself to choose and use only organic natural sanitizer. In the hand sanitizer recipe, whatever natural organic ingredient you use, alcohol is a must. It is the primary thing that sterilizes against germs and bacteria. Some of the main reasons to only use organic natural hand sanitizer as compared to artificial ones are:

1: Anti-bacterial Properties:

Organic hand sanitizers exhibit anti-bacterial properties. The presence of alcohol kills not only bacteria but also other kinds of microbes and germs.

One of the best parts of organic hand sanitizers is that they don’t develop resistance to bacteria or viruses. They work naturally. They only kill them and don’t change the genetic sequence of these microbes.

2: Natural Ingredients Work Well for Sensitive Skin:

Artificial products may not be suitable for people with sensitive skin on their hands. They can cause skin burns, rash, and itching. This kind of unsafe product can cause damage to

•           Eyes

•           Hands

•           Face

The ingredients in a artificial hand sanitizer may be harmful to children. Why expose potential danger to your hand by using hand sanitizers with toxic ingredients?

Shop online or in stores for organic natural hand sanitizer with natural ingredients. Some of them, like aloe vera gel, honey, glycerine, works for all kinds of skin. With 60 to 70% alcohol, the sanitizer becomes skin-friendly and is effective in the sterilization process.

3: Non-toxic:

We have to use hand sanitizer frequently, so it is important that the hand santizer we use must be non-toxic. All organic herbs and ingredients of organic hand sanitizers are 100% non-toxic and natural. It is also recommended to use citrus fruits like mandarins and grapefruit as an ingredient to enhance the flavour. They don’t cause any skin damage as they are free of toxic chemicals. Instead, these natural things enhance immunity.

Other than citrus fruits, extracts from mango, coconut is also used in sprays worldwide.

4: Keep Your Hands Moisturized:

A mixture of ingredients like white tea, glycerine, and scented alcohol will not cause your hands to be dry. If the hand sanitizer contains too much alcohol, it can cause dryness of the hands. The reason is simple; alcohol is volatile. It evaporates in the air quickly. Mixing alcohol with fruit extracts or aloe vera gel makes the alcohol last longer. These things keep your hands moisturized, make your skin soft and scented. The usage of vitamin E along with the above ingredients acts as an immunity booster against germs.

5: Other Great Reasons:

Package of 3 or 5 natural hand sanitizers is a great gift for your love ones! During pandemic period, organic hand sanitizer is the best gift for occasions as such birthdays and Teachers’ Day! Lynk Artisan’s organic hand sanitizer comes in a beautiful hand sanitizer gift set. If you purchase a pack of 3, it even come with a huge discount which is perfect for a gift for your family, friends and colleagues. You can order online at https://lynkartisan.com/. You can also check out their Teachers’ Day Special gift set collection!

Besides that, these gift sets are the best ready-to-go companions for travel. They come in pocket friendly sizes which you can quickly put them in your handbag and take them anywhere you want.

Some Important Notes:

If you are looking to create your own unique hand sanitizer, there are few facts that you must keep in your mind.

· You must get it approved by any certified pharmacist

· It must be skin-friendly

· It must be child-friendly

· It must not contain any harmful ingredients.

· You must test and examine it before launch.

· It must not make genetic changes in the microbes.

· It must be effective against germs.

· The scent or fragrance must be from a natural source.

· The hand sanitizer must be eco-certified. You have to keep air chemical-free.


The skin of the hands and face is susceptible to chemicals or artificial ingredients. Hand sanitizer is something that comes in contact directly with the skin. Organic natural hand sanitizer has a wide range of ingredients. From herbs to fruit extracts to essential oils, there is a long list.

These natural herbs and fruits have many benefits for the skin. The extract of all benefits is in few points:

•           They boost immunity

•           Are non-toxic and not harmful for sensitive skin

•           Act properly to kill bacteria and other microbes.

•           Their sweet and soft scent also acts as a means of aromatherapy.

•           Has a gentle and calm effect on the brain.

So, from now on, say goodbye to inorganic hand sanitizers. It’s time to shop for some healthy products for your skin. Besides organic hand sanitizers, Lynk Artisan also have a wide variety of scented candle collection. Some of their hot selling candles are Grapefruit + Mint Candle and Rose + Ylang Ylang Candle.


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