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Reasons why you should consider upgrading your central heating system?

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A warm winter home is a desire for many people, but it doesn’t come that easy. Your heating system and boiler need to be maintained if you want the radiators to work correctly. If your boiler is making rattling noises or struggling in any way, and you suspect that there is an issue, you should get it checked. It might even be worthwhile to consider upgrading your entire heating system altogether if you are experiencing problems with your home heating. 

The central heating system in your home is probably inefficient if you’ve been using it for more than ten years. Technology has improved considerably over the past decade. Advanced heating systems available in the market today can offer a wide range of benefits. The heating system in your house or your car is an essential part of your experience. It needs to be of the best quality! But with time, functionality and quality reduces. Hence, you start facing a problem. Sometimes you cannot solve problems by just some regular maintenance. Every heating appliance has a life, and they need to be upgraded after a certain period. Let’s discuss some key reasons why you should upgrade to a central heating system today. 

An efficient solution

People usually focus on a new boiler’s initial cost, but the mediocre quality of the existing boiler surely depletes the overall earned profit. It is essential to reduce your monthly energy bills, and replacing an old system with a new one can be the best option for it. Using a new boiler that’s technologically rich and upgraded can reduce bill costs and eliminate the traditional on/off binary controls, which are good for nothing. A temperature regulating system can improve the safety and overall health of residents. The boiler will only work whenever needed and will keep a pleasant environment in the whole house. 

Reduction in issues

It’s just silly not to replace your boiler or another part of your heating system after a certain point. If you experience repetitive issues, you’ll eventually spend much more on professional help in the long run, especially when emergency visits are being charged. Getting your central heating system replaced is the best way to upgrade your homes. 

A greater sense of control

You can control modern heating systems with the use of new technologies, including smart thermostats and smartphone technology so that you can control temperatures in different areas of your house comfortably. You can improve boiler efficiency with controls like modulating room controllers, outdoor sensors, thermostatic radiator valves, etc. Gas engineers will advise the most appropriate systems for your home, which you can integrate while installing new equipment. 

Enhanced Reliability 

It is a simple fact that aging equipment experiences a higher failure rate. Repair costs are likely to continue until your existing system is replaced. Analyze the number of repairs you have conducted in recent years, along with the amounts you anticipate spending in the future; compare that to the cost of upgrading. Installing a new heat-regulating unit in your home is the best and most efficient solution you can opt for.

Complements your Decor

Additionally, adding a new central heating system can make your house look more attractive. Fitting new stylish radiators around your home will match the decor of your room effortlessly. There are a wide variety of styles to choose from; whether you need a large heated towel rail in the bathroom or a tall, narrow radiator that can fit into a small space, you can help keep your home warm and looking stylish in an affordable way. A clunky boiler that occupies an ample space in your home is a sign of an old heating system. A modern boiler is not only more energy-efficient and economical but also provides space comfort as well. 

Regular maintenance

You might need a new boiler if you have problems with your heating system and have to call a technician regularly to fix it. You may find it more cost-effective to get a new system installed instead of calling a repair technician repetitively.


Carbon monoxide emissions from outdated heating systems can fill your home with dangerous gases that can cause fire as well. You can reduce this risk with the help of a new age boiler that not only rules out the poisonous gas possibility but also improves your sleep significantly.


Replacing your boiler and central heating system can be the ideal decision for your whole family. And if you’re looking for an efficient solution to this problem, then you’ve reached the right place. Tado’s Thermostats are a smart and efficient solution for your homes. Click here to know more.


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