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Reasons Why Skinny jeans Are So Popular Among Men

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Nowadays, most women prefer skinny jeans as it accentuates their bodies in all the right places and makes them appear slim and exotic. Quite interestingly, the skinny pants trend is gaining popularity among men as well. This may cause women to wonder why men are so much into skinny jeans. Let’s find out why!

Evolution Of Style

Before giving in to your curiosity, we shall take a trip down memory lane so we can find out how men’s skinny trousers came into being.

The evolution of jeans began when they were first invented in the years around the 1800s.

The Very Beginning

The first pair of jeans were invented by Levi Strauss, a businessman of fabric, and Jacob Davis, a tailor, in 1873. These brilliant minds teamed up and tailored jeans for male workers such as miners and ranchers.

The Era of ’30s and ’50s

Fast forward to the 1930s, jeans gained popularity in Hollywood scenes. They were mostly worn by cowboys and actors playing particular characters. For jeans to become regular staple wear for both men and women, it took around two more decades!

From 1950 to 1959, jeans started becoming a more accepted fashion trend. Although the general public found the fabric stiff, it continued gaining popularity. The class t-shirt and jeans combo started prevailing in 1957.

The Era of ’60s

That was the time when today’s popular flared jeans concept actually began.

After The ’60s

What happened next from 1966 to 1967 was the time where bootcut jeans came into being and took over the flared jeans concept by storm.

Back To The Present

Initially, the jeans were either tight or a wide cut available in acid wash and stonewashed. A lot of jeans brands emerged and produced their very own styles of jeans.

With every passing year, various styles and colours came into being. Every jeans trend comes and goes with just the skinny jeans being the constant of all times. Probably that’s the reason why Men’s Fitted Trousers are gaining popularity.

Why Do Men Like Skinny Jeans?


Men’s smart trousers and skinny jeans are becoming popular due to their element of comfort.

  • Easy To Go With

Another reason is that skinny jeans can go well with any type of shirts such as plain coloured t-shirts, bright t-shirts, or casual button-downs. 

  • Can Be Customized

They are equally perfect for a coffee date and a Saturday night with the stags.

That was a thorough journey from the beginning to the end to give the ladies a clear idea of why their favourite skinny jeans are men’s favourites too. So, if you are a lady looking for great quality jeans and trousers for your significant other, head over to Noir Ldn for the premium quality fabrics and excellent designs.


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