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Reasons to Switch to Word 2010 From Word 2007

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Microsoft Office versions including Word are available in pairs. For example, Word 97 signified a huge change in Word 2000, where many issues were fixed and became solid and reliable. Today, Word 2010 is built on Word 2007. There were lots of bug fixes and new features introduced. The latest Word 2010 has small user interface refinements and offers a comfortable experience in comparison to using Word 2007. It is time to switch to Word 2010 and you can download it for free on the Get Info Pc website. 

Reasons to shift to upgraded Word 2010 version 

Customize the Ribbon

Developers can write XML code and customize the ribbon, which is not possible in Word 2007. The use of ribbon enhances the discoverability of functions and features. Thus, customizing it can make the users feel in control of the program. Developers can create custom groups and custom tabs, which hold frequently, used commands. Built-in groups and tabs can be hidden or shown. You cannot make changes to the built-in group. 

Expand & contract custom groups

In Word 2007, a developer could not expand or contract the customized ribbon. In Word 2010, just like the built-in group’s developers can expand and contract the customized group. It is helpful when you work on a tiny screen like a notebook or laptop. Word Window can be resized to look all at once.

Editing images

New picture formatting tools like color saturation and artistic effects in PowerPoint 2010 and Word 2010 empower you to express visual ideas better. 

Navigation pane

The new ‘Find’ feature highlights every text instance you are searching for. The latest addition ‘Document Map’ allows rearranging the contents of a large slab with drag & drop. The traditional Alt-V-D keyboard shortcut has returned. 

Protected view

‘Protected View’ is applied to Word documents opened from possibly unsafe locations. It is displayed in a ‘sandbox’ environment. The document can be viewed but you will never be able to edit it until you knowingly allow editing.


The 1990s WordArt was a struggle to 2007 versions. Unlike previous WordArt, in Word 2010 the spellcheck works. 


Undo feature enhancement seems trivial but for the developer it is important. So undo is the 4th most used Word command after past, save, & copy. Users really prefer an Undo list. If codes are written in Word 2007 to control the document then users will not be able to undo the coding. In Word 2010, users gain a better experience with undo lists as developers can specify the text.

Some key features

  • Excel 2010 introduces Slicers. A feature for Pivot tables that allows filtering data and information on the go.
  • Sparkline is Excel 2010’s new feature that helps to view data trends by adding columns beside the data. Every cell contains graphs.
  • PowerPoint 2010 is competent to edit and customize the videos including trimming, fading, and bookmark points. You can even record a presentation as a video as well as save it for later use.
  • The presentation can be broadcasted over the internet using PowerPoint 2010. The recipients can view a broadcast presentation in their web browser without the concern of having PowerPoint installed. 

Microsoft has released the Service Pack 1 for Office 2010. If you belong to a group that waits until the first service pack release before installing new software then it is your time to visit GetIntoPc and download Office 2010. 


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