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Reasons to make use of Selenium For Automation Testing

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Whilst we are saying automation testing, selenium always finds its way to the language. Being one many of the simplest equipment for automation checking out, selenium is properly-loved by means of builders and testers across the world. But the question this is nonetheless is that there are numerous automations checking out gear to be had within the marketplace that grants almost the same effects. So, why completely selenium?

Well, that is regularly one element that we’re going to talk about very well in the article. By the end of the thing, you will be capable of listing out all the advantages of appearing arts automation testing the use of selenium and why is it maximum famous over alternative automation checking out tools.

What is Selenium?

Before we take deep in the advantages of letting us 1st recognize what selenium is and why it is used.

Well, selenium is an open-source automation testing device this is used for automating exams carried out on distinctive web-browsers. Selenium training in Bangalore

Why is Selenium Used?

Selenium is essentially used to trade the checking out across numerous net browsers. it supports numerous browsers like chrome, Mozilla, Firefox, safari, and i.e., and you may very simply exchange browser testing across these browsers the usage of selenium web driver.

Advantages of using Selenium for automated Testing

1. Language and Framework Support

While someone chooses a tool the primary issue that involves mind is: “does my device helps the language that I recognize?”

properly, that is often now not the case with it because it helps all predominant languages like java, python, JavaScript, c#, ruby, and Perl programming languages for software program bundle check automation. Automation Testing Training in Delhi

2. Open-source accessibility

One of the various matters that upload to the benefits of selenium is its open-source accessibility. So, being an open-source tool, selenium is a publicly on hand automation framework and is loose, without a direct charge. so, you will save bucks right here and use them for opportunity clever reasons.

3. Multi-Browser Support

As consistent with stat counter, chrome, Firefox, safari, net explorer, opera, and facet browsers are the most used browsers worldwide and selenium script is well matched with all of the noted browsers. You don’t want to rewrite scripts for each browser, handiest one script for all browsers.

4. Support across varied operating Systems

Specific people use absolutely unique in operation systems and it’s important that your automation tool helps all of them. Selenium is, however, a highly portable tool that supports and might work across absolutely exclusive in operation structures like home windows, Linux, mac OS, UNIX, and so forth.

5. Easy Implementation

The automation framework is a very smooth-to-use device. Selenium offers an easy interface that helps produce and execute check scripts genuinely and effectively. you will additionally watch whilst checks are going for walks. You’ll examine cautious reviews of selenium checks and take follow-up actions.

And eventually, you’ll ne’er experience alone. a big community is always available to assist you simply in case of would like. You will enhance your queries and carry out group action within the network.

6. Reusability and Integrations

As noted earlier, automation take a look at suites are reusable and is probably tested across more than one browser and operating systems. however, the twist is that if that isn’t a panoptic internet automation testing device. Consequently, it goals 1/3-celebration frameworks and accessories to develop the scope of testing. Online Automation Testing Training in India

7. Flexibility

Take a look at control is what’s extremely important within the testing lifecycle. it turns into easier and additional green with selenium features like regrouping and refactoring of check cases. This allows developers and testers in rapid modifications to the code, reducing duplication, minimizing complications and up maintainability. those options build selenium extra flexible and usable as compared to alternative automation testing gear and therefore assist it to stay a facet.


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