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Preventive well maintenance is essential to keep your pump running

You need a private well every day, and you cannot afford to go through the day without clean water. You can save time and worry by taking preventive measures to make sure your well is working properly.

The importance of a well-maintained well

The water you drink and use must be safe and readily available. In the midst of your busy schedule, you don’t have to worry about your health giving up on you. By checking the well regularly, you can ensure that the water is flowing efficiently and safely.

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Water pump performance, also called well flow rate, is important to you and your family. You cannot live without water, and you don’t have to wait for water to flow. The reasons for the slow flow of water include:

Accumulation of mineral deposits

Microbial growth

Well “clogging” or clogging due to blockage by sand, gravel, or a combination of deposits

By inspecting the well, you will be able to detect the first signs of blockage or intrusion, which can negatively affect the rate of pumping water. Solving these problems increases the rate of pumping water.


One of the most important aspects of your well is the safety of the water it is pumping. You should have your water tested annually for things like E. coli and coliform bacteria. Some obvious signs of poor water quality are stains, strange taste and odor from your water. Even if you don’t notice water problems, some signs of poor water quality are hidden and can only be detected with a test. Relieve yourself and your family of anxiety with water testing.

Things you can do yourself

While you should schedule a professional well inspection, there are some things you can do yourself to make your system healthier. You can do a visual inspection looking for damage to your system. You should also make sure that your well cover is not damaged. If damaged, it can contribute to the contamination of your well. Be sure to keep detailed records of well inspections and maintenance of your system.

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Well survey benefits

A regularly maintained well system has several advantages that go beyond water flow and quality. Well inspection by trusted professionals will help you know the condition of your well to better protect you and your family.


A professional inspection of the DTB Pumps  system can help you solve problems before they become costly. Better to be safe than sorry about the check. Plus, you can prevent disease by checking your water regularly.

Extend the life of your well

Most wells have a lifespan of 15-20 years, but with proper maintenance you can maximize their lifespan. If the well runs longer, you will not need to install a new system as quickly. This saves time and money.


With regular maintenance, you can count on your system to perform more efficiently. Higher yields mean water is always at hand. You don’t have to worry about slow water when you shower or wash dishes.

Entrust the well service to Australian Pumps  professionals. There are many intricate parts in your well pump and you shouldn’t jeopardize your well or water quality by trying to do it yourself. At Perry’s Pump Repair, we strive to thoroughly examine your system. We test the above-ground components of your well system and find leaks or rust. As part of the system, one of our team members will check the flow rate to ensure that your well is performing as it should be.


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