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Reasons for Investing in Neon Signs for Business

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Signs offer a number of advantages for the business. Therefore, most business owners invest thousands of dollars on neon signs in Los Angeles, making their signage unique and attractive. In addition, the best signage companies help in getting a custom sign for the business that is important for attracting more potential customers towards the business.

Business Neon Signs and Their History

The neon signs have been used for advertising purposes for a very long time. Though the concept started in the late 1600s, when the experiments started with lighted glass tubes, neon signs have only been around for over 100 years.

Neon signs caught attention in 1912, where they were easily spotted throughout the day and night. This 24 hours visibility was the reason that neon signs went famous throughout the 50s and 60s. During a brief period, that is, from the 1980s and 1990s, neon signs fell a bit out of style. 

However, the retro-chic signs made a comeback in the 21st century for businesses. The more advanced methods were used combining gas mixtures like helium, argon, and carbon dioxide to enlarge the color spectrum of neon signs. 

Nowadays, the LED and fiber optic technologies have paved the way towards energy-efficient signs. As a result, several types of neon signs of varying complexity are used for all kinds of businesses, right from service businesses to storefronts and restaurants.

The Benefits of Investing in Neon Signs

A sign is the most important part of a business which helps immensely in a successful marketing campaign. It not only guides the potential customers, but also: 

  1. Helps in creating a great first impression 
  2. Attracts customers while generating good profits
  3. Landmarks the business 
  4. Displays important information to the customers 
  5. Promotes brand recognition

Los Angeles neon signs are becoming trendy and gaining demand these days. Their uniqueness and attractiveness are the primary reasons for their popularity. Here are some of the reasons why the business should convince themselves of neon signage.

  • Affordability

The key reason for investing in neon signage is that amongst the several advertising options in the marketplace that hold expensive price tags, neon signs are relatively cheap and attractive. 

The businesses aiming to impress customers with the best bang for the buck should definitely be considering a neon sign. It offers the best results while allowing one to make a mark and identity in the industry.

  • Neon Signs are Appealing

Besides affordability, the most appealing type of signage available is indeed neon signage that makes it the second main reason to invest in it. 

It immediately grabs the attention of the customers by letting them know that the business is open and ready to serve the client’s needs. The neon signs are attractive options on the marketplace that also send informational messages to help customers know about the business hours.

  • Highly Customizable Options

One of the major advantages of neon signage is its ability to be customized based on the requirement and the need of any business. They are available in a number of shapes, sizes, and colors to meet the specific needs of the business.

  • Night time Functionality

For normal signage, extra lighting is required to illuminate it at night. However, it is best to buy neon signs as it is a cost-effective option in terms of maintenance as well as installation.

  • Energy Efficient

There are several variants of neon signs with limitless design possibilities. They not only consume less energy but also save more money by reducing maintenance charges. The neon signs consume around 50% less electricity than other latest signs.

  • Highly Durable

The neon signage is incredibly valuable as it has a long life span. When neon signs are built and assembled correctly while being installed and maintained properly according to instructions, they can last for approximately twelve years. 

Their value is obviously higher in comparison to other types of signs that burst in less than six months and require extra care.

  • Cost-Efficient

The fact that neon signs consume less electricity makes them not only energy efficient but cost-efficient too. It is the other major reason for investing in neon signs where a business can save at least on high electric bills while promoting through cost-effective measures.

  • Consumer Conditioning

Consumers have long used neon signs for finding information such as opening hours or to spot promotions. They are the most familiar options of advertising, and hence consumers are accustomed to giving attention to neon signs.

The information offered through these neon signs can be used to grab attention from passersby without any extra effort.


Despite their popularity, it is critical to choose the right neon signs in Los Angeles for your business. Consider the message that is being displayed and check out the apt location that will mesh with the surrounding area.

Quality Matters. A sign must always be neat and bright. In this manner, it will convey high standards of your brand and attract more customers. Conversely, a sign that is broken, old, or smudged may do more damage than good. 

The exterior and interior signs are important to the success of any business. So, make sure that your neon signs are bright, neat, and in good condition. It will be conveying the high standards of brand or business while attracting more customers. So, reap the incredible benefits right away!


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