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Reason Why You Might Mess up your IELTS Listening Test and Ways to Improve It

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If you get a chance to check the performance of 20 to 30 IELTS test report forms, you’ll see many candidates got an eight score in the listening test but lower grades in other areas. I have tried myself and noticed a similar strange difference in my report too. Why this happens?

Have you ever realized that while texting or reading if someone calls your name and you miss it.Something not done intentionally, but when we focus on reading or texting, our mind starts creating a visual, and our ability to hear falls weak. This phenomenon is known as inattentional deafness.

To confirm this phenomenon, researchers conducted an experiment under which candidates had to focus on the computer screen, and a music system was played in the background. Seven out of ten students missed the tone.

IELTS is aware of this fact, which is why they give an extra 10 minutes to reduce your requirement for reading and writing in the test.

To fix this and get better grades, we have come up with a few solutions like you can enrol for Online IELTS Classes in Chandigarh that might help you crack the exam, or check out a few suggestions to become a better listener.

  • Transcribe Regularly

Try listening on the radio and pen down exactly as you hear it. It is one of the old techniques that many candidates practice to improve their listening skills. Listen to a sentence, pause the radio, write, and play again. Transcribing more frequently helps improve your skills. Further, the practice helps train your brain on how to manage when you read, write, and listen together.

  • Improve Reading Skills

People who have a habit of reading have faster reading skills and can understand the information much better. They understand the words, create visuals, and memorize faster as they read. But there are others too who don’t love to read and just scroll through the words. As and when the recording begins, they hardly remember anything. So, take your time and recite what you read, analyze and understand the information so that your brain can memorize and you can answer better.You can also look for the best online IELTS coaching in Chandigarh that will help you teach more ways to memorize this section.

  • Avoid underlying or circling the readings

We all have this habit of underlying the significant part. So that, every time you go through that part, you can pick a point and use it. But with IELTS listening, it is different. There is so much to read that you can’t scroll back, again and again, to read what you underlined. Focus on creating visuals or stories so that your brain can memorize the crucial facts. The only best practice to score better in IELTS listening is to read and memorize.

Make sure you are reading correctly but do not focus only on correctness. Try listening more and more. Open up your ears and memorize in your mind. Join the best IELTS Institute in Chandigarh that can teach you better methods. Noting each translation or pen down keywords will only distract your mind and ears. The only technique that can help you score better in this section is to learn to listen through ears and not with eyes.


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