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Realtor Matchmaking: How to Find Your Perfect Fit

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Finding the perfect realtor is a little like dating. You aim to find someone who gets you – someone you can trust, who’ll stick up for your best interests. You want them to communicate well, dress well, and be equally invested in a long, fruitful relationship. Lastly, you want to know that their past partners have good things to say about them (nothing’s a bigger red flag than a history of aggrieved exes!).

What sets the client-realtor relationship apart is that it needs to happen fast. If you plan to buy or sell a home in the near future, you need to mobilize your resources and direct your efforts on a tight timeline. While we all wish we had the luxury of waiting for the right person to come along, in this case, you have to be proactive.

This article gives buyers and sellers the tools they need to matchmake in a hurry. Here are three simple steps to finding the perfect realtor.

First, Interview Yourself

Start with yourself. What do you want from a real estate transaction? What values, expectations and restrictions will guide your home-hunting or house-selling processes?

Is your priority to find the best deal, no matter how long it takes? Or do you want to pay big money to find a home fast and aggressively? Do you need a guide through the real estate process, or are you a seasoned pro who wants more of a collaborator than a teacher?

By answering these general questions, you can better understand the type of realtor you need.

Research the Best Realtors in Your Area: Stats, Testimonials and Reviews

Next, do your research. The best realtors in your area – measured by sales stats, client reviews and testimonials – should be your first point of contact, as they’re the likeliest to fit your needs.

This process can start with a simple Google search, including your location and criteria. For instance, if you’re buying in Toronto, you’d research the best realtors in Toronto according to stats, transaction histories, sales volumes, average days on market and overall client sentiment.

With a shortlist in hand, you can start making phone calls.

Ask Probing Questions in the Interview Process

Some people skip this part of the process. Why? The client-realtor relationship is significant, potentially worth tens of thousands of dollars! Doing your due diligence isn’t just smart – it’s expected.

As you interview a shortlist of potential partners, consider probing questions that unveil a realtor’s approach, communication skills, experience and compatibility. Ask them to describe a scenario where they actively helped a client find their dream home. Ask them about their policies around communication – how they communicate, how often, during what hours, etc. Find out their familiarity with the neighbourhood(s) you want to target. And ask them for a brief track record of their real estate career thus far.

If you know yourself, research the best realtors in your area, and then follow those exploratory steps with probing interview questions, you should be able to find your perfect realtor. It’s the first step toward landing a dream home deal or selling your home for top dollar.


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