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Ready Made and Custom-made Blinds – What Makes Them Distinct?

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If you plan to install vertical blinds for your windows, you often fall into the dilemma of whether to choose ready-made ones or custom made vertical blinds. It is true that custom window treatments have a more distinct appeal than the ready-to-fit ones. Now to ease the trouble, we tried to compare ready-made and custom blinds for you. Let’s have a look at how the two varieties make a difference…

  • Quality and Functionality

Custom blinds are usually of high quality because they are made by a window treatment professional. These blinds fit the window frame perfectly and suit the specific needs of the owner. Top grade workmanship and materials are used for making custom made vertical blinds and hence, they last for many years. Another benefit of customized blinds and shades is that if the final product does not function as expected or are of poor quality, then the owner can always speak directly to the supplier. But this cannot be done if the blinds or shades are purchased from the store.

In the case of readymade blinds, manufacturers generally use poor quality materials to keep their cost low and also to make the product less expensive. However, this is not always the case. There are also blinds of good quality.

  • DIY or Professional Installation

When one opts for custom made vertical blinds, then professional installation is included within its cost. The custom supplier has the experience, the right skill and tools for completing the installation process. Readymade blinds are easier to install. The only thing you often have to do is drill holes in the right place on the wall for the brackets. If a homeowner is an experienced and expert DIY-er, then this is not an issue. But, if an individual cannot do the installation himself, then you will still have to  pay for professional installation at an additional cost.

  • Cost

Cost is one of the crucial considerations when choosing between readymade and custom made vertical blinds. Custom blinds are costlier than the readymade ones. However, in custom made products, the owner knows the professional and the place where the product is made. These blinds meet fabric standard and quality. On the other hand, people do not know the source where the blinds are manufactured and hence, they only get what is given to them.


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