Build a yielding on-demand bike-taxi app with Rapido Clone script

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Rapido Clone

The need for bike taxis has become apparent. Bike taxis are a convenient method to commute due to their ease of traveling. It is easier to squeeze through the crowd, and the driver can quickly take the customer to their destination. Bike taxi apps like Rapido clone app are apt for busy schedules and need a quick and safe mode to commute. 

Rapido Bike taxi app script- How does it work?

Request ride

The passengers can request a ride using the app. The ride requests get sent to all the riders near the locality.

Request acceptance

As the ride request gets accepted, the driver reaches the customer’s location and picks them up.

Customer pick-up and drop

The driver reaches the customer’s destination, picks them up, and takes them to their desired destination by navigating through GPS. The customer, meanwhile, can track their whereabouts using the in-app GPS. 


The customer should pay the requisite fee through cash, card, or digital payment via the app. 

Rating and feedback

The customer is prompted to share their riding experience with the driver by leaving ratings and comments that will help enrich the driver’s performance.

Features of Rapido Clone app

The rapido clone app comes with three apps for the passenger/ customer, the rider, and the admin. 

Passenger/ customer app

Easy Bookings- Boom rides fast in few taps

Ride tracking- Track the location of drivers and know the route during the travel through GPS support in the app.

Smooth payments- The customers have a variety of options to make payments. Hence, it makes the payment system easier.

Rating and feedback- The customer can leave ratings and feedback after riding. It provides an opportunity for the driver to improve their service.

Trip history- The customer gets to track their history of trips, including the date, destination, and the fare paid.

Real-time notifications- The app notifies customers immediately regarding any update 

Fee estimation- The app gives the correct estimate of the amount to pay after the ride.

Offers and promo codes- Offers and promo codes on rides often get published, and customers get notified through push notifications.

Rewards and referrals- Customers get rewards and bonuses when they refer the app to someone, and the person successfully installs it.

Driver details- The customer can check the driver’s details like the name, vehicle number through in-app features.

Trip cancellation- The customer can cancel the trip anytime they wish to. Charges may be raised due to the app’s policies.

Help and support- Any queries or questions can be raised regarding the app performance or driver services.

Driver app

Quick registration- Drivers can register easily in a few steps.

Activity status- The option shows the availability of the driver.

Ride information- Drivers receive information regarding ride requests through push notifications.

GPS navigation-  Riders can navigate through routes easily with the in-app GPS.

Real-time request- Drivers get notified immediately about ride requests.

Accept or reject requests- The drivers can accept or reject bids based on their availability.

Revenue tracker- Drivers can maintain a detailed revenue chart and keep track of their revenue.

Customer details- Drivers can contact customers with their contact details.

Customer ratings- Customers rate the driver’s performance. 

Admin app

Dashboard- The admin can view detailed statistics and other information.

Manage drivers- Add, remove and review registration requests, review rides, etc.

Fleet management- Keep the detailed lists of fleets, maintenance, etc. 

Manage fare amount- Set rates, distance charges, price surges, etc.

Manage reviews- Manage customer reviews and ratings.

Manage customers- Manage driver and customer reviews, and enhance experiences.

Final words- The need for bike taxi app development

The rapido clone app offers customers the convenience of riding easier and drivers to earn their income consistently. The bike taxi app development involves using advanced tech stacks and power-packed features to offer customers ease of usage. The need for such intelligent apps is rising due to their swift commutation, so the app owners can expect a surge in profits as the app is released. 

With the need for such yielding apps, entrepreneurs who wish to take their first step towards starting their venture should opt for Rapido clone app development.

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