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Raised use of Invisalign for teeth treatment?

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Invisalign is a dentistry procedure where patients use clear aligners to straighten their teeth and enjoy a confident smile—Invisalign on teeth raised as an alternative to metal braces. Invisalign treatment involves a series of steps in which the dentist interprets your teeth for aligner preparation. On the next visit, the dentist gives him the tray with the necessary instructions. Is Invisalign painful? Asked by many individuals, and that is the reason they hesitate from undergoing the procedure. The expert dentists of Ontario London explain that a clear aligner is a painless treatment compared to metal braces. It gives you freedom of talking, eating, and drinking, which means you can remove your tray if you want to have your meal. Aligners should be fit easily in your teeth, or else your teeth will not be straightened.

However, if you don’t know how to use Invisalign on teeth, no worries.

We have brought helpful information that might help you better understand Invisalign treatment and how to use it after treatment. 

The expert dentist of Ontario London explains that many individuals are not aware of the correct use of clear aligners. Additionally, the expert adds that you should use your aligners appropriately to straighten your teeth. 

● Insert your aligner tray inside your mouth as per the instruction of your medical officer. Make sure it fits snugly as possible.

 ● Insert a chewie between upper teeth set and lower jaw

 ● Bite the chewie for a couple of seconds

 ● Now you have to move it to another portion of the mouth and practice step no 3. The ideal way of ensuring that teeth are biting the chewie, start from the side of your mouth and gradually bring it in the middle 

● Make sure to use the chewie for 5 minutes a day. Additionally, your dentist will also suggest the appropriate method of using it to achieve desired results. 

Apart from the above practice, if you find an area that doesn’t seem fit, you should use chewie over there and ask your medical officer to fill the visible gap in the aligners. 

Is Invisalign painful? 

Multiple studies reveal that clear aligners in teeth might cause side effects, which include pain and irritation. The expert explains that whenever you place your aligner in the teeth, it will apply pressure to move your teeth to the appropriate location. The pressure causes discomfort, especially when you are using it for the first time or using the second phase of aligners. Since your teeth bite and chew continually, therefore you might feel a bit sore and uncomfortable. However, another group of experts indicates that pain due to clear aligners goes away over time. Consequently, it would help if you did not hesitate to use the aligners to straighten your teeth.

 How to clean Aligners?

 When it comes to oral care, cleanliness is compulsory; the same goes for aligners. It would help if you kept your aligners neat and clean, as you have to use them again once you remove your aligner for anything such as meal or brushing your t, brush your aligners properly to avoid stocking food particles in the tray. Food particles will start to convert into acids if the aligners are not cleaned before placing them in the mouth. The new-born acid will eat your tooth enamel, causing decalcification and cavities. Therefore, you should ensure to brush your teeth and aligners every time you remove them. The expert dentist explains that place your aligners in a glass of water along with a denture-cleaning tablet for deeper cleaning.


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