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Quickest ways to improve inventory turnover

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Are you familiar with the term inventory turnover? Do you know how to improve inventory performance and are you still seeking answers to these questions in this blog, we will talk about some effective methods to improve inventory turnover. But first, let’s briefly discuss what inventory turnover really is.

What is Inventory Turnover?

Inventory turnover simply refers to the number of times a business sold its stock in a specific time period. Low inventory turnover usually indicates bad business practices. There might be major problems like overstocking or marketing strategy failure.

How to Improve Inventory Turnover

What is the ideal inventory turnover for you? Experts believe that if your business is running smoothly, the turnover should be between 5 and 10 times. If your figures don’t match these numbers, your inventory turnover needs improvement.

Some ways to improve inventory turnover include:

·      Sale Planning for the Outdated Stock

You need to take a good hard look at your old stock. and It is a major reason that lowers your business inventory turnover. because there needs to be a strategy to clear this stock. and You can handle such a situation by offering a discount on old stock, and Different promotion schemes can also help increase the sales rate of old products.

·      Go for Most Selling Products

Another method to improve your turnover is going for the most selling products. and Products in high demand are frequently required by customers. and To fulfill customers’ needs, you must have a sufficient quantity of these products. Because This not only helps you to retain your customers but also helps you improve inventory turnover.

·      Forecasting

Use reliable forecasting reports to plan future strategies. and This helps you deal with overstock and stock-out situations. and Forecasting reports also help with futures sales and stock requirements. In this way, you go for products that sell more than others.

After implementing this technique, you will soon see your inventory turnover rate improve.

·      Strong Marketing Strategy

Marketing plays a vital role in any business. A strong marketing strategy can improve inventory throughput. With a good marketing plan, you can get access to new customers. You can even divert their mind towards non-selling products. As more inventory starts selling, you can expect good inventory throughput in the near future.

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·      Price Policies

Price policies have a strong effect on sales. and People get more attracted by good deals for example, discounts, buy 1 get 1 free, and free shipping or delivery. and Make a price policy that really helps to attract your clients. Furthermore, change price policy from time to time to add some excitement.

·      Speedy Delivery

Thanks to the internet and new technologies, customer expectation has increased. Large manufacturers can easily reach their customers, making it difficult to survive for smaller companies.

Speedy delivery helps you attract new customers. More customers result in increased sales. And increased sales lead to an improvement in inventory turnover.

·      Automated Inventory Management System

Get an inventory management system to manage your stock properly. Above mentioned all methods can be carried smoothly without increasing staff. With this, you can get instant access to your stock status. This lets you make some shrewd business decisions.

Well, we recommend getting an advanced inventory management software that can easily maintain all the data in one place and generate reports. These reports can assist you in designing multiple strategies.


Implement these methods and let us know which one improved your inventory turnover the most. Good luck and stay safe!


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