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How To Purchase Firewood At The Reasonable Price?

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Firewood is the fuel of your fireplace or wood-burning stove. You need dry wood for fueling your fireplace or stove. Purchasing firewood is not easy and cost-efficient every time. Another option that you have is cutting firewood by yourself. It is one of the budget-friendly ways, but it will take so much time and effort.

Therefore, people who use firewood stoves prefer to purchase the firewood in huge amounts. These people should know some tricks to purchase the firewood at an affordable price. If you have trees in your yard, you should hire tree professionals for trimming and pruning purposes.

They will also help you to cut the broken branches into firewood. The tree professionals in Sydney offer free firewood Sydney. These tricks will help to save your precious time and money. You can easily stay cozy for the entire winter season.

Here, we have listed few tips that will help you to get the firewood at a reasonable price.

  • Law For Firewood Transaction

Many states have implemented the law for firewood transactions. This law is implemented to ensure that customers get the right amount of firewood at a reasonable price. Also, the seller must be using the accurate method of measuring the wood quantity is specified by the regulating authorities.

It is imperative to use the right measuring technique for determining the accurate cost of firewood. There are two basic units of measurement of firewood quantity -Cords and fractions of a cord. There are units as well that are used for measuring the firewood such as rank, rick, pile, pickup load, etc.

  • Understand How To Measure Firewood

The cord of wood equals the total amount of cut and tightly stacked round-wood that can be easily stored inside the container measuring 128 cubic feet. The cord is a standard measuring unit used in most states for determining the quantity of firewood.

You should be aware that wood obtained in different lengths can give you a different amount of firewood. For example, the cord of firewood that is 16-feet long and tightly stacked can give you more energy as compared to the cord of wood stacked in eight-foot length

If you cut the firewood to tightly store and pack it then there will be more room for wood and less room for air. On the other hand, if you haphazardly store the firewood, then the ratio of air to wood will increase and you will get less energy per cord. Therefore, you should insist the seller neatly and properly stack the firewood. But, you should keep in your mind that every step will increase the cost.

Most sellers use the term “truckload” for measuring the firewood quantity. But, it is not an appropriate technique. It is so because truckload can mean anything from large pulpwood trucks to light-weight short bed pickup. Thus, it is recommended that you should not purchase firewood which is sold in other units than cords. Other measuring units will make it difficult for you to find the right firewood for

  • Insist To Cut Wood In Burning Length

You should insist your seller cut the firewood into the burning length and uniformly stack the firewood into piles. Though it may lead to an increase in selling prices, it will make sure that you will get better volume for energy estimation. Also, uniformly stacked firewood will make the storage process simpler and easier.

  • Determine The Hauling Capacity Of Truck

Measurement of truckloads can vary greatly. Therefore, you should determine the capacity of a truck in cubic feet. Also, you should make sure that the firewood is stacked in the truck properly and orderly. Whether you have hired your truck or the seller is offering his truck, it is very important to determine the storing capacity of the truck.  

  • Price To Pay

Now, you have to determine the right amount that you have to pay to the seller. It is quite easy to find the accurate price. You just need to multiply the length of the bed by the height of the bed. Now, divide the value of gross cubic feet by 128. The obtained number will be in fractional form and you have to multiply this number by price per cord. This process will help you to find out the total price of firewood laded in the truck.

What You’ll Pay?

The cost of firewood is based on the location and its availability. Thus, the price of cord for mixed hardwood is ranging from $50 to more than $100 a cord. The price of the hardwood cord is also based on the location. If you want that the seller transports the firewood to your location then it will lead to adding more cost. The cost of transportation will also depend on the region. Usually, the transportation charges are ranging from $ 100 to $150 for transporting, handling, and processing.



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