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Punjab Driving Licence

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This is the new Punjab driving licence system that is issued for the residents all over Punjab. The foremost greatest system to help the resident renew their license or even check them online. This is a great initiative by the government of Punjab. A great way to cater for the need of Punjab residents. Here in this article, we are going to discuss the complete procedure on how you can renew your licence. You will get to know a lot about Punjab driving licence so without further ado! Let’s dig in.

How To Apply For Punjab Driving Licence 

There are certain ways you can apply for a Punjab driver licence. Since every procedure can be done online it has become easier for you to check these various ways. There are forms online on the DLIMS (Driving License Issuance Management System). This is a great built system that you can visit online. The forms can be downloaded from the website in order to be filled. Before you visit any centres in Punjab for your new licence renewal, you have to download those documents from the website and take them along with you to those centres. 

Once you have downloaded the forms visit the nearest driving licence centres to submit them. After submitting the documents you have to visit the centres again to give the comprehensive driving test that is mandatory for every citizen. Once you have successfully given the driving test, your driving licence will be delivered to your home via courier service. This can only be possible if the documents are provided beforehand where you have to mention all the required information to be used in the future. 

Learner Driver Licence 

If you want to apply for a learner driving licence there are few important documents that you need to gather. 

  • A copy of your CNIC 
  • A Medical Certificate
  • A fee ticket of 60PKR from any of the post office

You should know that the minimum age for applying a learner licence for a car or motorcycle is 18 years. Although for commercial drivers the age limit required is above 21 years. 

Keep in mind to collect the traffic rules and regulation book to find out more about how to follow the local traffic laws. This is the most essential book that you will need throughout the entire process. This learner licence validity period lasts for 6 months. 

Permanent Licence

In order to get a permanent driving licence make sure you gather the following documents:

  • Application form 
  • A medical certificate
  • Original learner licence
  • A copy of your CNIC 
  • 3 passport size photographs 
  • Fee ticket

For required assistance or for feedback, email them at complaint.dlims@pitb.gov.pk or you can call them on contact DLIMS at 042-35777268. 
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