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PUBGM: A Starter’s Guide to Surviving the Military Base

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The military base is one of the most populated and difficult-to-survive areas in PUBGM. It’s where the excitement happens at the beginning of the game and where you can find level 3 armour, medkits and the best weapons. It’s one of the most action-heavy and difficult-to-survive areas at the beginning of the game. There are ways to traverse this warzone in a way that you manage to get the best loot and come out unscathed and it’s likely to happen if you follow these guidelines.

The Perfect Landing

The best way to manage the military base is by landing quicker than everyone else. The way to go about it is by reaching the ideal speed by looking down as soon as you start falling; at 234km/h. While free-falling at high speed, position yourself two tiles away from the military base to land in the ideal location. If you’ve followed the steps, you will land quicker than everyone else and will be able to access whatever area you want to start from.

If you see players land before you, move to a location with the least amount of players as soon as your parachute opens. Your focus should be getting the best loot and laying low, if you see many players moving towards your location shift to a less crowded area. The best loot in the military base can be found in the buildings and on the outskirts of the base.

Taking Cover

Once you’ve secured the loot, it’s time to take cover and lay low for a while. You can become part of the excitement in less crowded areas but make sure to change your location if you get into a gunfight. Try to stay indoors, you can hear the other players moving and you will be able to get the drop on them. Plot your next course of action while looting and take out anyone that approaches you.

The best way to approach this area is to be on the defensive, most of the kills that happen in the military base are through windows or from cover. Everyone is waiting to ambush you so you will either have to ambush them first or get ready to plan your escape while manoeuvring your way through the area.

Have The Area Mapped Out

The military base is one of the largest areas on the map, having the map of the location in your mind is one of the best ways to survive. The control room and the warehouse are one of the best places with loot. However, if you position yourself well enough near the outskirts, you can ambush players with the best loot easily and get their equipment.

Getting The Perfect Guns

You don’t get the luxury of choosing the perfect gun in PUBGM but if you land in the military base, the chances of securing it are high. The best guns to choose from in the Military base are Assault Rifles and SMGs. You will need to take down your enemies swiftly. SMGs are quick and effective and if you’re taking cover, an Assault Rifle can add to your chances of survival.

I know the Kar98 and M24 are believed to be the best guns in the game but in a bullet-heavy zone like the military base, these sniper rifles might not have the speed you need to take out multiple enemies. Go for the Kar98 or M24 when the base is cleared, and try for the M416 assault rifle. It has balanced damage and good recoil. It’s an easy-to-master weapon that would work well for mid-range combat and can be customized to your preference. 

If you’re worried about getting into close-range combat which does happen, we would recommend the SMG; Vector. It is a reliable gun with heavy damage and a high fire rate. It can be paired with a scope to work with mid-range combat as well. The Vector needs to be customized to use it to its full potential but you will find everything you need in the loot-heavy Military Base. 

When the initial round of combat has ended, pick a gun based on your play style and start rummaging around the safe zone. The sniper rifles are perfect for the end game and stealth takedowns so they might raise your chances of victory.

Planning Your Escape or Hunkering Down

Now it’s time to focus on the safe zone. If the safe zone is away from the base, it’s time to escape. The bridge is one of the most important places to avoid, your best bet would be to find and take a boat to the other side. If you can’t find a boat, get into a vehicle, and try to drive away from the bridge quickly to avoid getting hit.

If you are in the middle of the military base, you will be at a tactical disadvantage. The base is surrounded by hills giving players approaching from the outside the higher ground. If the safe zone appears to be near the military base, find a nice spot near the outskirts of the base and take cover while keeping an eye out for enemies.


The Military Base can be a hit or a miss. It can either be extremely rewarding, basically ensuring that you last until the end of the game or you die as soon as the match begins. It is a high-risk, high-reward situation. If you spend some time fighting other enemies, you will have the best loot in the game. The thrill of surviving the most dauntless battles is what makes PUBGM so amazing and going to the Military Base is the peak of the action. 

Still, if you follow these guidelines, you will have a much easier time surviving the Military Base and hopefully, you will be able to secure the best loot and a well-deserved chicken dinner. And if you need an extra boost, perhaps getting some PUBG Mobile UC from OffGamers here would do the trick.


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