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PST Migration Tool

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If you don’t know what PST migration is, chances are you are working in a Microsoft environment and you use Microsoft Outlook. When you configure the Microsoft Outlook application, it will ask for a PST directory so that it can store all the email messages in a standard format. However, configuring Outlook to perform this task manually is tiresome and time-consuming, especially if there are many employees in your company. To save time and improve productivity, automate it with PST migration tools. It can help you store and retain data from any platform such as BlackBerry, iPhone, and Android without difficulty.

Get from point A to point B quickly:

You could import email messages in bulk to Exchange in Outlook, but sometimes it’s time-consuming. Using ManageEngine to perform bulk import is fast and easy. Just configure necessary permissions on the imported PST file and automate the process. With ManageEngine, you can easily configure required permissions before saving or importing Exchange email messages into PST. You can even set the permissions at the time of import. To avoid missing some messages while proceeding to the next message.

Enhance the efficiency of your organization:

For large companies and organizations, it is necessary to store email messages in an efficient manner. So that they can be accessed at any point in time. PST migration tool can help you accomplish this. It can export files as HTML or text documents. So that the data stored in these documents can be read by Outlook and other email storage applications.

Consolidate Outlook and disable the older mailboxes:

If you have several mailboxes and want to remove some existing email account. You can do that by installing this tool. It enables you to consolidate Outlook and configure required permissions. So that all the emails sent from or to the specified mailbox will be synchronized with the new one. This tool enables you to remove old and duplicate mailboxes so that the performance of your Outlook might become better. The PST is a good choice for organizations that use more than one mailbox for different purposes.

Create a new profile for importing email content:

If you are planning to do an OMA for the first time, you need to create a profile so that you can import the needed items for the task at hand. You can just start with importing the PST contents from an existing e-mail account. You may need to create a new folder or contact so that the imported content will be located properly. To get started, go to the ‘E-Mail’ section and click on the ‘New’ icon. Next, enter the required information such as the name of the user, the sender, the subject, and the body of the message to import. For importing messages from the Microsoft Outlook server, you should make sure that you have enabled the option for browsing.

Export mailboxes prior to the OMA:

Now, when you are ready to start the process, you have to export mailboxes or the entire mailbox database prior to the import of PST data. You will have to open the exported data Outlook window so that you can choose from the pull-down menu the mails. Now select all the items that you want to move or delete from the selected items list. You will have to follow the instructions given in the next step.

Import the PST files:

Once you have successfully completed steps (step 1), you should close all the applications and windows that are currently running on your computer. After that, you should open the tool and then let it run. It will then prompt you to select the data files that you want to import. Select all the items and once again, click on the ‘Open’ button so that you can see the imported data files. After that, you can proceed to the next step.

Apply updates for the OMA:

Now, after importing the data files, you should update the settings of the preferences of Outlook by choosing the appropriate links from the menu. Go ahead and click on the ‘OK’ button so that the changes are applied. You can go ahead and click on the ‘Start button. You will soon find that your emails have been added or deleted from your Inbox without any error. Now you do not need to perform the process of migrating Outlook Express by yourself as you can also take help of the online ‘PST MIB Solution’ that is available online.


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