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PRP Hair Transplant: Types of Hair Loss it treats

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If premature hair fall or thinning hair bothers you, you are an ideal candidate for hair restoration. Gladly, PRP Hair Transplant Lahore is considered the ultimate treatment to speed up hair growth. In this process, your certified surgeon uses a series of injections to stimulate the growth of hair follicles. 

One of the most fabulous things about PRP hair therapy is that this less-invasive treatment doesn’t involve downtime. You can enjoy long-lasting and natural-looking results without any fear of pain and side effects. 

Things to Know About PRP Hair Transplant

Platelet-Rich-Plasma (PRP) is a kind of regenerative medicine and can be prepared by separating plasma and platelets from the blood. PRP contains a particular substance that speeds up the hair growth process. Previously, PRP was ideally used to repair damaged tissues to heal more efficiently and rapidly from muscular injuries. PRP treatment is quite effective for the better treatment of chronic pain and arthritis.

Nowadays, PRP therapy is considered the most recommended treatment for thinning hair and receding hair fall. In this treatment, the surgeon injects PRP in the intended scalp area to stimulate the growth of hair follicles and activate the growth of new hair. Resultantly, your hair starts growing naturally and thicker.

Significance of PRP Therapy for Hair Loss

As mentioned earlier, PRP therapy is a relatively safe treatment as it requires your blood for the treatment. The professionals use a specific device for separating blood, platelets, and plasma from the blood. The separate substance gets injected into the required area of the scalp to treat hair thinning and related hair fall issues.

Kind of Hair Loss PRP Treats Hair Transplant

PRP is a miraculous treatment for different kinds of hair loss. Usually, it’s considered an effective hair therapy to strengthen shrink hair follicles due to the natural aging process.

Additionally, it is perfect for you if you are experiencing hair fall due to some genetic issues. Generally, people with androgenetic alopecia (male pattern baldness) opt for PRP therapy due to its remarkable results.

What to Expect From PRP Hair Transplant?

After PRP injection, the growth factors in PRP start working and fortify dull hair follicles. The important thing about this fantastic hair treatment is that it makes your existing hair follicles strong and gives a better volume (thickness) to your hair.

Remember, your expectations should be realistic. You don’t need to expect something unusual because PRP therapy isn’t magic. Every hair type is different, and each patient experiences different results. Generally, it requires some time for the better growth of healthy hair follicles. That’s why; you can see evident results after some time.

Sometimes, a patient may need series of injections to get optimal results. So, don’t wait for prompt results because good things take time. The perfect thing about choosing certified hair transplant surgeons is that they can customize hair treatment according to your hair time and requirements.

Usually, your new hair follicles start growing significantly after 3 to 4 months of PRP injection. You can opt for some additional treatments for better and more noticeable results. Your surgeon can decide about such treatments and chooses the one that yields positive outcomes.

Surprising Advantages of PRP Hair Therapy

PRP’s most significant and incredible benefits are that it’s a safe and protected hair treatment since the treatment requires your blood, so it doesn’t have any appalling risks, complications, and side effects.

Moreover, the entire process takes 10-15 minutes with no downtime. You don’t need to skip your office or routine work because you can go back to work after the treatment.

The treatment guarantees natural-looking results. PRP treatment stimulates the growth of your hair follicles. That’s why; you can enjoy natural-looking and thick hair for a long time.

Is There Any Side-Effect of PRP Therapy?

As mentioned earlier, PRP treatment is safe for you because it requires your blood for the treatment.

Here are some minor risks, including;

  • Mild pain at the injected area of the scalp
  • Itching
  • Swelling
  • Minor headache

Don’t worry; these side-effects mentioned above are temporary, and the patient starts feeling better within a day or two. You can consult your doctor if side effects last longer.

Want to Regrow Your Hair with PRP Therapy? Choose a Professional Surgeon Now

Don’t you think the discussion mentioned above has made it easier for you to make up your mind about PRP hair transplant?

Without any doubt, this safe and secure treatment is the best choice for the better growth of your hair. You don’t need to go out of the budget to get this treatment as it’s pretty affordable and less costly. So, don’t waste your time and choose the FDA-approved and certified hair transplant surgeon now. Give a new life to your hair and enjoy your juvenile appearance to its fullest.


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