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How to Protect Your Phone from Water Damages?

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According to statistics, 39% of smartphones get damaged because of falling in the water. So How to Protect Your Phone from Water Damages? Smartphone damage from dropping in the water is the third most common cause among others. Just as e take care of our costly smartphones from screen cracking and falling on the floor, e need to be careful about water damage too. Since the summer season is officially here, many of us heading towards beaches and pools to cool off. It is fun to slide down the slip ‘n’ slide in the pool and run through the sprinkler in the summer, but your phone might suffer if you do so.

Despite all our love for water splashes and cool air breezes, we cannot stay away from our phones for more than a few hours. In fact, some of us want to check our phones within regular intervals due to different social and business priorities. However, we need to be careful about handling our cell phones while we visit these locations. 

In order to prevent water damage to your phone during the water fun, here are a few tips:

Practice Water Distancing

You need to take care of a few things when you visit a pool or beach to keep your phone safe from water damage. A distance of six feet is still too close. If you need to use the bathroom, put your phone away. Do not take your phone in the toilet to keep it safe from any accident. Stay out of the splash zone if you’re heading to the pool with your phone. That’s the only foolproof solution to keeping your smartphone dry. 

If you are at the beach or pool and need your phone, what should you do? You can swim to your favorite tunes if you purchase a waterproof Bluetooth speaker, and your phone can be stored in your car or bag. Be sure to dry your hands off first when you need to use your phone while you are playing in the water. While standing by the edge of a puddle or pool, make sure not to handle your phone. 

Use Waterproof Cases and Pouches

Consider protecting your phone with a waterproof case or pouch so that you don’t have to worry about spills or splashes on it. The waterproof cases made by Otterbox and Lifeproof are both excellent. They make it easy for you to use your phone and provide short-term protection against splashing and dampness. 

The waterproof pouch is ideal for people who enjoy being at beaches and pools. Using the touchscreen in these cases prevents water damage to your phone. There are some floatable options available, but if you are in the water, keep your phone away from the water. Use the pouch to protect your phone from splashes and wet fingers. Using a zip lock bag will not keep your phone from being damaged if there’s any chance of it submerging. There is a possibility of water leaking through the closure. 

A source of device water damage that is often overlooked is sweat. While you are exercising, you should make sure that the case or armband you use for your smartphone is waterproof. 

Use Nanocoatings

Applied to the inside of your phone, Nanorez prevents electronic components from getting damaged by water. It takes about five minutes to apply the hydrophobic coating at your local cell repair Etobicoke. Despite being water-resistant, Nanorez can prevent accidental drops from causing damage. In addition to this, Nanorez can provide you with an additional layer of protection and peace of mind.

Nanocoatings and other waterproof technologies are installed in the built-in system of some phones. Consider buying the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max, if you want to buy a new smartphone with water-resistant capabilities. These models are the best in their class when it comes to water resistance. Submerging them for up to 30 minutes in water up to 13 feet in depth will not harm them. Similarly, the Galaxy S20 family has been rated great for water resistance. Consider these cautions while buying and using your smartphone. 

The Bottom Line

Water spill is a major cause of cell phone repair needs and damages. If you are carrying an expensive smartphone, you must be careful about the cell phone cracks, drops, and water damages. A small negligence can cost you a lot of money. Stitching your phone may cause you somewhere around 500$ to 1500$. You can also consider getting your phone repaired if you get your phone damaged and do not ant make a splurge. In case you have already damaged your phone from water spills, you can consult with a nearby cell repair Etobicoke to get your phone fixed in a relatively lesser amount, that too in a quick time. 


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